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Q: If x plus 1 is an integer what is the next larger consecutive integer?
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Is x plus 1 considered a consecutive even integer?

x + 1 would be a consecutive integer where x is an integer.

The larger of two consecutive integers is represented by x plus 4 Which expression represents the smaller integer?

x+3 and x+4 would be consecutive integers.

What are the three consecutive odd integers with sum of -30?

It cannot be done. The basic rules of math. odd integer plus odd integer = even integer. odd integer plus even integer = odd integer. Always. odd integer plus odd integer plus odd integer = odd integer. Always.

What is the next integer if m plus 5 is an integer?


If n plus 4 represents an odd integer the next larger number odd integer is represented by?

Every integer is either even (divisible by 2) or odd (not divisible by 2). Since an even number plus 1 is odd and an odd number plus one is even, because 1 does not divide 2. We know (n + 4) is odd. The next integer is (n + 4 + 1) = (n + 5), because an odd number plus 1 is even, (n + 5) is even. The integer after (n + 5) is (n + 6), since (n + 5) we know is even, (n + 6) must be odd. Since (n + 6) is the smallest integer that is greater than (n + 4) and is odd, so (n + 6) is the next odd integer.

Find two consecutive odd integers such that 5 times the first integer is 3 more than 4 times the second if x represents the first integer x plus 2 represents the next consecutive odd integer?

5*x = 4*(x+2) + 3 so 5x = 4x + 8 + 3 = 4x + 11 Subtracting 4x from both sides: x = 11 So the two integers are 11 and 13.

What does an integer plus another integer equal?

an integer plus and integer will always be an integer. We say integers are closed under addition.

The reciprocal of an integer plus the reciprocal of two times the integer plus two equals Find the integer?


What is -3 as an integer plus 3 as an integer?


The reciprocal of an integer plus the reciprocal of two times the integer plus two equals 2 over 3 Find the integer?

It is 2.

What property is integer plus integer equals integer?

Closure of the set of integers under addition.

Find the 3 lowest consecutive odd integers whose sum is at least -60?