Is 11.3 a rational number

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is 11.3 a rational number
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Is this number rational or irrational 0.113113113...?

Any decimal that terminates or repeats is a rational number; as 0.113113113.... repeats the digits "113" it is a rational number. 0.113113113... = 113/999 (in fraction form).

Is the fraction 113 over 115 an irrational number?

No, 113/115 is a rational number.

Is this a rational number 0.131131113?

If you mean to continue the pattern indefinitely, adding more digits, and one more "1" in every cycle, then it is NOT rational. In the case of a rational number, the EXACT SAME group of digits has to repeat over and over (perhaps after some other, initial, digits), for example:0.45113113113113113... Here, the group of digits "113" repeats over and over, so the number is rational.

How to find rational numbers using arithmetic mean?

A rational number is one that is the ratio of two integers, like 3/4 or 355/113. An irrational number can't be expressed as the ratio of any two integers, and examples are the square root of 2, and pi. Between any two rational numbers there is an irrational number, and between any two irrational numbers there is a rational number.

Is 113 a prime number?

113 is a prime number.

What number multiplied into 113?

113 is a prime number. Its only factors are 1 and 113.

Is 3.456 a rational or irrational number?

It is a rational number. It can be written as a fraction.

Is the product of a rational number and a rational number a rational number?


Is 113 a square number or a prime number?

113 is prime, not square.

Is 113 am whole number?

Yes, 113 is a whole number or an integer

Is 17.02 a rational number?

Is 12.05 a rational number or irrational number?

Is 1.96 a rational number or an irrational number?

1.96 is a rational number