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No, the three digit number could be a negative number.

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Q: Is a 3-digit number always greater thana 2- digit number?
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Is the smallest 3digit is 1000?

The smallest 3 digit counting number less than 1000?? 100

Is a 3 digit number always greater than 2 digit number?

Yes, unless the 3 digit number is negative, or a decimal.

What is the answer for you are a 3digit odd number your tens digit is 1 less than your hundreds digit but 2 more than your ones digitThe sum of your digit is 20 Who are you?


How is multiplying by 3 digit number similar to multiplying by 1 digit number?


Which is greater a 5 digit whole number or a 6 digit lesser whole number?

Every six-digit number is greater than any five-digit number.

How many 3digit numbers are there?

There are 900 three-digit numbers, ranging from 100 to 999.

Is the single digit number greater than 9?

There is no single digit number greater than 9. After 9 is 10, which is a double-digit number.

In which number does the digit 6 have a greater value?

60 is the number in which the digit 6 have a greater value as compared to 106.

What is 3-digit number greater than 699?

3-digit number greater than 699 = -696

Which is greaterthe greatest whole number with 5 digits or the least whole number with 6 digits?

A 6-digit number will ALWAYS be greater than a 5-digit number. Assuming both are positive of course.

Which is greater 0.07 or 0.040?

Compare one digit at a time, from left to right, until you find a digit that is different. The number with the greater digit in this position is the larger number.

Sara says the number with the most digit is always greatest do you agree Explain?

§ In comparing two whole numbers, the one with the most digits is always the greater number. § In decimals the number with the greatest number of digits is not always the greatest.