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the value of log (log4(log4x)))=1 then x=

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Q: The value of log log4log4x equals 1 then x equals?
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What is the value of log o?

The value of log o is penis

What is log 1 to the base 1?

acording to me the value is 0 because the value of log 1 at any base is always 0.

Value of log 1?


What is value of log?

log (short for logarithm) does not actually have a value. It is actually an operation. So if you see log(10), for instance, you need to take the logarithm of the number in the parenthesis. To do that, just ask yourself "ten raised to WHAT POWER equals the number inside the parenthesis?" And log(#) = that exponent. To finish the example above, log(10) asks you 10? = 10. The answer here is 1, so log(10)=1.

What is x if log x equals -3?

If the log of x equals -3 then x = 10-3 or 0.001or 1/1000.

Is log x differentiable at x equals 1?

Yes. It's 1.

What does 1 equals?

It equals the absolute value of -1. Example: 1=|-1|

What log minus 3 equals 1.26?

log(-3,2.3914850069628266…i) = 1.26ie. (-3)1÷1.26=2.3914850069628266…i

Log x plus log 2 equals log 2?

log(x) + log(2) = log(2)Subtract log(2) from each side:log(x) = 0x = 100 = 1

Why does pi log 10 equal pi?

xlog10 = x This is a simple rule of logs, because log(base10)10 = 1. Any value multiplied by one equals itself. So pi*log10 = pi(1) = pi.

Log x plus 7 equals 1 plus Log x-1?

logx +7=1+log(x-1) 6=log(x-1)-logx 6=log[(x-1)/x] 10^6=(x-1)/x 1,000,000x=x-1 999,999x=-1 x=-1/999,999

Why is the answer for log x squared equals 2 different than 2log x equals 2?

log x2 = 2 is the same as 2 log x = 2 (from the properties of logarithms), and this is true for x = 10, because log x2 = 2 2 log x = 2 log x = 1 log10 x = 1 x = 101 x = 10 (check)

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