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8x10 kilometers

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Q: The width of a rectangle is 6 kilometers less than twice its length if its area is 80 square kilometers find the dimensions of the rectangle?
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If the rectangle is 40 square kilometers and the length is 10 kilometers what is the width?


Area to get the surface area of a rectangle?

Multiply the length by the width. If the rectangle is a square the two dimensions will be the same

What are the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 36 and a area of 81?

Length = 9 Width = 9 Your rectangle is a square.

How much square ins is a rectangle?

Without the dimensions, we won't be able to tell. The area of a rectangle is the length times the width. If those dimensions are in inches, the area will be in square inches.

The length of a rectangle is 5 feet longer than its width The area of the rectangle is 374 square feet What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

17 and 22

Convert lineal metres to square metres?

Area is 2 dimensions of length multiplied, in a square and rectangle anyway. If it is a square, you can just square the length (multiply it by itself)

How does length relate to area?

The area of a square or rectangle is the product of its two dimensions, so its length is the quotient when its area is divided by its width.

How many square feet in a rectangle 193X273X214x205?

Rectangles have two dimensions: length and width. Multiply them together and you will get the area in square units.

The length and breadth of a rectangle is of ratio 3 to 4 The area of a rectangle is 6000 what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

The dimensions work out as: length = 30 times the square root of 5 breadth = 40 times the square root of 5 check: (30 times sq rt of 5)*(40 times sq rt of 5) = 6000 square units

What is the area of a rectangle with dimensions of 4inches by 11 inches?

Area of a rectangle = (length) x (width) = 4 x 11 = 44 square iunches

The area of a rectangle is 36 square inches the length is 1 inch more than twice the width what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

9" x 4"

Does a square and a rectangle has equal length?

A square (a by a) and a rectangle (a by b) can have sides that are of equal length.

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