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This question needs clarificatioh. There are 4 one digit number combinations, 16 two digit combinations, ... 4 raised to the n power for n digit combinations.

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Q: What are all the number combinations for the numbers 1 through four?
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What are the combinations of 1 through 10 with out using them twice?

There is 1 combination of all ten numbers, 10 combinations of one number and of nine numbers, 45 combinations of two or eight numbers, 120 combinations of three or seven numbers, 210 combinations of four or six numbers and 252 combinations of five numbers. That is 1023 = 210 - 1 in total.

How many different four digit combinations are there of the numbers zero through nine and using one number twice in the combination?

There are 360 of them.

How many four number combinations are there in ten numbers?

shut up guys

What 4 numbers add to 15?


How many four number combinations are there in the numbers 1 through 8?

The answer is 8C4 = 8*7*6*5/(4*3*2*1) = 70

How many 4 number combinations are there in the numbers 0 to 7?

There are 10,000 four number combinations in the numbers 0 through 9. * * * * * No, that is simply not true. The combination 1234 is the same as the combination 2134 and 2314 and 1423 etc. So, there are just 8*7*6*5/(4*3*2*1) = 70 combinations.

How many combinations for four numbers using four numbers?


How many number combinations for the numbers 1 through four?

1 and 11 and 21 and 31 and 42 and 12 and 22 and 32 and 43 and 13 and 23 and 33 and 44 and 14 and 24 and 34 and 416 combinations

How many place combinations in a four digit number and all have to go in diff spots eg 1234 4321 2134 etc numbers cant change and have to stay same four numbers?

How many place combinations in a four digit number and all have to go in different spot example: 1234, 4321, 2134 etc. numbers can't change and have to stay four numbers?The answer would be 36 different combinations. This is simply the counting principle and it's easy for anyone to learn.

How many number combinations are there if there are six numbers and you have to have a four number combination?

all numbers have to be different 720 360 (6*5*4*3*2*1), * * * * * Wrong. Combinations do not have to be different. Those are permutations. There are only 6C4 = 6*5/(2*1) = 15 combinations.

What are the 10000 combinations that are possible with a four digit combination ranging with numbers 0-9?

every number from 0000 to 9999

How many four digit numbers are possible if the pin cannot begin with a 0 and the pin must be an odd number?

There are 4,500 combinations.

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