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The median is 42.

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Q: What are the median marks if the marks obtained by 10 students are 36 44 60 38 55 31 35 40 45 52?
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How many marks obtained in 10 and plus 2?

564 marks

What is cut off marks for iit madras?

They do not give marks. The top 10 Thousand students are selected. There is no cut off.

What is the median of 4 10 10 24?

The median of the four numbers is 10.

What is the median of 1 3 5 9 10?

The median is 5.The median is 5.The median is 5.The median is 5.

How do make 10student name and his remarks in q-basic?

' '*** PROGRAM: Collecting student data: names/marks. ' '*** Create 2 array variables to store each students name/marks... DIM students$(10), marks$(10) '*** SCREEN ONE/Collect the data... CLS '...(CL)ear the Output (S)creen '*** print heading... PRINT "PROGRAM: Collecting each student names/marks..." PRINT '*** A FOR/NEXT loop is used to collect each individual students data... FOR eachStudentNo% = 1 TO 10 '*** Get each students names/marks 'by typing these values in from the keyboard.... PRINT eachStudentNo%; ">" INPUT " Enter student name"; students$(eachStudentNo%) INPUT "Enter student marks"; marks$(eachStudentNo%) NEXT '*** SCREEN TWO: Output the collected data... CLS '...(CL)ear the Output (S)creen '*** Print headings... PRINT "Student No.", "Student Name", "Student Marks" PRINT '*** FOR/NEXT loop is used to print out the 2 array student 'name/marks' values... FOR eachStudentNo% = 1 TO 10 '*** print out each students 'number/name/mark' values... PRINT eachStudentNo%, PRINT students$(eachStudentNo%), PRINT marks$(eachStudentNo%) NEXT END '...END of program/halt program code execution

Explain why a selection of 10 students from your class can have marks that aren't normally distributed when the marks of the whole class are normally distributed?

The sample size is likely to be too small.

What is the median if you have ten numbers?

6 is the median of 10 numbers

What is the median of 10 10 18 27 27 and 28?

Median = (18+27)/2 = 22.5

What is the median of 5 10 13 7 5?

The median of 5, 10, 13, 7, and 5 is 7.

What is the median of 9 22 4 16 10 34?

The median is 13.

What is the median of 4 6 7 9 10 12 14 15 15?

The median is the central value, 10.

What is the median of 4 8 9 9 9 10 10?

The median is the number in the middle - same number of places from either left or right. You have 7 numbers, so median is the 4th from either side - the median is 9

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