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Archimedes discovered volume displacement when he was in the bath tub because the weight of an object makes the water rise.But the volume of the water was constant.He then ran outside on the streets screaming,EUREKA!...naked

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Ancient musical instrument similar to the buccina

What were the Greek Muses known for

Using two pieces of string stretched to the same tension Pythagoras discovered the ratio for creating the interval of a perfect octave was

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Q: What did Archimedes find out in a bath tub?
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What did Archimedes discover when he stepped in the bath tub?

Specific Gravity

How did Archimedes discovered the way on how to measure the volume of an irreguralarly shape object?

he filled up his bath tub sat in and the water that came out the bath was of equal volume to him

What is a tub bath?

a bath in a tub

Who is the Greek phylosopher?

A good example of a Greek philosopher is Archimedes who discovered displacement (when you sit in a full bath tub it overflows).

Why did Archimedes jump out of the bath?

He jumped out of the bath because he discovered the principle of bouyancy. He realized, when he sat down in the tub, that the amount of volume that is underwater, is the same as the volume of the water that is displaced.

What is tub bath?

tub baths are when you take a bath inside the stone in a tub

Facts about Archimedes early life?

He was a scientist in the greek army.He was unpopular in greece.Once he was called for testing a fault in a crown sample.While he was having a bath in his bath tub,he submerged the crown in water and got the solution.He shouted Eureka-Eureka on the streets naked.After that he gave Archimedes Principle.

What is the name for gin made in the bath tub?

Bath tub gin

How did Archimedes use a bath to find the volume of a person?

he find that the water was risen where he stared to put the person in.

What is Archimedes best known for?

Many people know the story of Archimedes, who, when asked to determine whether a crown was made of pure gold or a fraudulent silver alloy, was suddenly inspired by the displacement of water in his bath tub to think of a method for solving the problem and jumped from the bath shouting, “Eureka!” 

How many liters are in a bath tub?

Depends on the size of the bath tub

How many milliliters of water in a bath tub?

It depends on how big the bath tub is!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!

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