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Any fraction with a denominator which has a prime factorization that includes any prime other than 2 or 5, it can produce repeating decimals.

If the prime factorization of the denominator does not include 2 nor 5 then the decimal representation will be a repeating decimal.

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Q: What fractions could become a repeating decimal?
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16 in a decimal?

16 cannot become a decimal. only fractions can become decimals. 16 is a whole number. The closest you could get to a decimal would be 16.0

What is the repeating decimal of 89?

You could write it as 88.9 with the 9 repeating.

Is a decimal that ends with . terminating or repeating?

If it ends in a decimal, then it must be a whole number. Repeating could be ruled out immediately because even though theoretically it could be a thought of as a repeating decimal with infinite zeros repeating, adding zeros doesn't change the quantity and you could in theory add infinite zeros to the end of ANY decimal. That does not make it repeating.

What is a terminating-repeating decimal?

It's an oxymoron.A decimal is either terminating or repeating. It can't be both.or it could be in the third category of integors.

Can a batting average be a repeating decimal?

We ususally stop on the thousandths but 3 hits out of 10 at bats could be considered a repeating decimal.

What is a non-repeating decimal called?

It could either be a terminating decimal or the decimal representation of an irrational number.

Could diagram is the most helpful for converting fractions to decimal?

No, it is not.

Is 1.12112112.... a repeating decimal?

It could be, but it could also be 1.1211211211211211211222 which is terminating or it could continue in a non-repeating fashion. From the information given in the question it is not possible to tell.

Is 9 over 7 a decimal fraction?

No. (Though you could express it in decimal form, as 1.285714285714..., a repeating non-terminating decimal.)

What is the difference between decimals and fractions?

a fraction is a fraction! a decimal is a decimal! how could u not know that ?omg

Is 0.123456789101112123456789101112 a repeating decimal?

As written it is a terminating decimal. However, if the digits 123456789101112 keep on repeating after the amount written (normally it would be written with a dot over the first 1 and the last 2; as that is impossible here, to show repeating an ellipsis (three dots) could be used, as in: 0.123456789101112123456789101112... to show that it goes on) then it is a repeating decimal.

Which numbers one through ten could be a denominator but it is a repeating decimal?

They could be 3, 6, 7 or 9.

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