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The cost of p pencils is 20p.

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Q: What is the cost of p pencils if pencils cost 20 each and pens cost 30 each?
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MR.BOWER HAS 3 TIMEs AS MANY pens as pencils and he has 20 pens and pencils so how many pens does Mr.Bower have?

15 pens. 5 pencils.

If 15 pens and 20 pencils cost as much as 20 pens and 15 pencilshow do you compare the costs of two?

this is a simple question that requires a little bit of substitution. before making hte 2 equations, we need to define our two unknowns, so let x= cost of pens y= cost of pencils therefore 15x + 20y= 20x = 15y -5x = -5y therefore x=y Hence, the cost of the pens and the pencils is the same.

Trevor bought 100 pens for the office50 of the pens cost a dollar30 pens cost 80 cents and 20 pens cost 50 cents.What is the average of each pen?

50 pens X $1.00 = $50.00 30 pens X $0.80 = $24.00 20 pens X $0.50 = $10.00 $50.00 + $24.00 + $10.00 = $84.00 $84.00 (divided by) 100 = $0.84---------so each pen cost 84 cents - Chow

if 15 pens cost £3.75 how much would 20 pens?


If 4 pencils cost 10 cents how many pencils can be bought for 50 cents?

4 pencils cost 10 cents so pencils are 10/4 cents each.So 50 cents will buy 50*4/10 = 20 pencils

How much do 20 pencil cost if 4 pencils cost rupees three?

To help you understand this question, we will create a new temporary word. We will call every 4 pencils a "pencilor". So a "pencilor" cost 3 rupees. How many "pencilor" is there in 20 pencils? Well, 20 = 4 x 5, meaning there are 5 groups of 4 => there are 5 "pencilors". If each "pencilor" cost 3 rupees, how much does 5 cost? 3 x 5 = 15 rupees. And you are done.

How do you calculate total cost per unit?

if P=80-Q C=n10 Fc=0 Mc=?

How much does 10 pencils weigh?

The weight of 10 pencils depends on the weight of each pencil that is being weighed. If each pencil weighs 2 ounces, then 10 pencils would weight 20 ounces.

There are 20 red and blue pens in a box there are 3 times as many blue pens as red pens?

3b + r = 20 20/4=5 5x3=15 blue pens 5x1= 5 red pens

Harvey needs to purchase 6 pencils for the Math Club meeting They are sold at Whipple's store at 5 for 1.00 What would Harvey pay for 6 pencils?

The total cost would be $1.20 because if you divide 100 by 5 you get 20. So the cost of one pencil is 20.

If you have 12 pencils and 20 chocolate bars how many people can I share with so we each have the same amount of each item?


How much are prismacolor pencils?

A set of Prismacolor colored pencils can range from $20 to $200 depending on the number of pencils in the set and the type of set (e.g., student grade vs. professional grade). Individual Prismacolor pencils can cost around $1 to $3 each.