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minus ten.

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Q: What is the integers of 10 degrees below zero?
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What is the integer of a temperature of 10 degrees below zero?


How chilly was it when the titanic sank?

10 degrees below zero

What is the that integer represents 10 degrees Fahrenheit below zero?

It is -10 deg F.

How much is 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in celsius?

-10ºF = -23.33ºC

At 8 AM the temperature was 3 degrees below zero. By 9 AM the temperature had gone up 6 degrees, but by 10 AM it had gone down again 4 degrees. What was the temperature at 10 AM?

at 10 am was 234 degrees

What is bigger -5 degrees F or -10 degrees F?

Not sure what you mean by "bigger" since we are talking about temperatures. -10 degrees is colder, as it means ten degrees below zero.

What are the release dates for Johnny Test - 2005 Old School Johnny Johnny Degrees Below Zero 4-10?

Johnny Test - 2005 Old School Johnny Johnny Degrees Below Zero 4-10 was released on: USA: 18 February 2010

What are opposite integers?

Integers are the "counting numbers" and their negative counterparts, and zero. Opposite integers are the pairs of integers that have the same absolute value, or, in other words, are the same distance from zero. 10 and -10 are opposite integers. 43 and -43 are opposite integers. It's just that simple.

What is 10 degrees below in Celsius in Fahrenheit?

-10 degrees Celsius = 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is -70 Fahrenheit colder than -80 Fahrenheit?

No, -80 F is 10 degrees colder than -70 F because it is farther below zero.

What was the highest temperature in New Jersey?

110 was the recorded temperature on July 10, 1936 in Runyon.

How many degrees are between 10 Fahrenheit below zero and 15 Fahrenheit above zero?

25oF. From -10oF to 0oF is 10oF From 0oF to 15oF is a further 15oF Giving a total of 10oF + 15oF = 25oF