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(ab) raised to 1/2 power

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Q: What is the square root of ab?
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What is the square root of Ab2?

If you mean (Ab)2 then it is Ab, but if you mean Ab2 then it is square root (A)(b).

The coordinates of a and b are square root of 27 and square root of 15 reapectively find ab?

Find ab

What is the square root of 4x?

We use the property of square roots that says the square root of (ab)=square root (a) multiplied by square root of b So square root (4x)=square root (4) mutiplies by square root of x =2(square root (x)) 2sqrt(x)

What is the square root of a negative number plus the square root of a negative number?

Nothing. You cannot have a square root of a negative number. The square root of negative one is called i, but i is an imaginary number. It does not exist and does not follow the properties of real numbers. (For example, if a and b are positive, then the square root of a times the square root of b is the square root of ab. But the square root of -7 is not the square root of 7 times i.)

Does the square root of ab equal square root of a Times Square root of b?

Yes, that is correct. It is one of the basic properties of surds, and is used in many identities and some equations, to simplify and calulate and prove.

If is a binary operation defined by AxB equals the square root of AB what is the value of 8x2?


How do you simplifying square roots?

It might be best to answer this with an example. Look at the square root of 8. To simplify it we notice that 8 is 2x4 and that 4 is a perfect square. So we can simplify the square root by taking the 4 out of the radical sign and writing it as 2xsquare root of 2. Perhaps a better way to think of this is that is you have square root of a x square root of b, that is the square root of (ab). So if we have square root of 8 that is the same as square root of 4 x square root of 2 and square root of 4 is 2 so the answer is 2xsquare root of 2. In general, look for perfect squares and factor them out of the number so they can be removed from the square root.

What is the square root of 10 multiplied by the square root of 15?

When multiplying two square roots together, it is helpful to remember the following rule: root ab = (root a)(root b) In this case we can multiply 10 by 15 to get 150, and say the answer is the square root of 150. This can then be split up again into root 25 and root 6. Root 25 = 5, so the simplest form of the answer is "5 root 6" This is approximately 12.247

The coordinates of a and b are the square root of 27 and the square root of 15 respectively find ab?

ab = sqrt(27) - sqrt(15) = sqrt(3)*3 - sqrt(3)*sqrt(5) = sqrt(3)*(3 - sqrt(5)) and that cannot be simplified further.

What is the root word of abstract?

ab for example ab-normal

What is the distance formula in geometry?

AB = sqrt (x2 - x1)2 + (y2 -y1)2 Sqrt is the square root of

What is the square root of the square root of 2?

The square root of the square root of 2

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