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Power 2: units digit 9. Multiply by 49 again to get power 4: units digit 1. So every 4th power gives units digit 1. So 16th power has units digit 1, so the previous power, the 15th must have units digit 3.

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Q: What is the units digit of 7 to the 15 power?
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What is the units digit of 7 to the 34 power?


What is the units digit of 3 to the 84th power?


What is the units digit of 7157?

The digit in the units column of the number 7157 is 7.

What is the unit digit of 3 to the 60 power?

3 to a power divisible by 4 will have a units digit of 1.The powers of 3 are 3, 9, 27, 81 ... obviously, the next one will have a units digit of 1x3 or 3, the next one will have a units digit of 3x3 or 9, the next one will have a units digit of 7 (because 9x3 is 27), the next one will have a units digit of 1 (because 7x3 is 21), and then the cycle starts over with a units digit of 3 again.

What is the ones digit in the number 32047?

It is the digit 7 that is in the ones or units place

What is the value of the digit 7 in 28467.089?

Its positional place value is seven ones or units = 7

What is the units digit in 3 power 2011?

I guess you mean what's the units digit of 32011. It is 7. To work this out, see how the units digit of 3n changes; it goes: 3, 9, 7, 1, 3, 9, 7, 1, ... (only the first 8 powers are shown) repeating the same sequence of 4 digits. So if we find the remainder of 2011 divided by 4, it will tell us which of the four numbers (3, 9, 7, 1) will be the units digit of 32011: 2011 ÷ 4 ⇒ remainder 3, so the 3rd digit is the required digit: 7. (If there had been no remainder, then the 4th digit, namely 1, would have been the required value.)

What is the units digit of 3747?

7 (the second one).

What is the meaning of 7 in 27?

It's the ones digit, meaning there is 20 units, plus an additional 7 units, as told by the 7 in 27.

What does the digit 7 represent in 167.38?

It represents 7 units.

How can you tell what the ones digit of the product of 38 multipled by7will be without solving the whole problem?

Find the units digit of 8*7. The 30 in 38 will have no effect on the units digit.

Write a number which has units digit 6 tens digit 7 and tenths 5?


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