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= 1/sqrt(2) = 0.7071

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Q: What is the value of sin 45?
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Find the value of a if tan 3a is equal to sin cos 45 plus sin 30?

If tan 3a is equal to sin cos 45 plus sin 30, then the value of a = 0.4.

Find out value of sin 45 cos 45 - sin 230?

Assuming that the angles are all stated in degrees: sin(45) = cos(45) = 1/2 sqrt(2) sin(45) cos(45) = (1/2)2 x (2) = 1/2 sin(230) = - 0.7660444 sin(45) cos(45) - sin(230) = 0.5 + 0.7660444 = 1.2660444 (rounded)

How will the value of sin 35 determine?

to find sin 35 here we take the angle = x=15 then 3x=45 , 4x=60 then 4x-3x=60-45 then by putting sin on rhs we will get cos 35 and sin 35 hope it helped you

Find the value of 3 sin 40 4 cos 20 - tan 45?


What if the sine of an angle is 0.707 what is value of that angle in degrees?

sin-1(0.707) = 44.99134834 or about 45 degrees

What is exact value of sin75?

sin(75) = sin(45 + 30) = sin(45)*cos(30) + cos(45)*sin(30) = [1/sqrt(2)]*[sqrt(3)/2] + [1/sqrt(2)]*[1/2] = 1/[2*sqrt(2)]*[sqrt(3) + 1] that is [sqrt(3) + 1] / [2*sqrt(2)]

Cos 45 degrees equals sin?

cos(45) = sin(45) You can see this as follows: imagine a circle with radius 1. The point on the circle with angle 45 degrees, lies on the line y=x, equally far from the x-axis (cos) as the y-axis (sin). The angle for both must be 45, because x and y are orthogonal: 90 deg, so if the angle with x is 45, then the angle with y must be 90-45=45. So: for this point, both angles are 45, and the distance to x (cos) is equal to the distance to y (sin). Therefore, cos(45) = sin(45). Additionally, cos(45) = sin(45+90) = sin(45+360n) = sin(135+360n) with n integer.

A 45-45-90 triangle has the hypotenuse of 1. what is the length of one of its legs?

sin theta = opp/hyp sin 45 = opp/1 opp = sin 45 = sqrt(2)/2 ~= 0.7071

Does tan 45 degrees and sin 45 degrees equal trig values?

They are both trig values, but not equal. Tan 45 is 1 and sin 45 is 0.7071

Fill in the blank Cos equals Sin 45?


What is the exact value or sin 22.5?

The exact value of sin 22.5 is 0.382683432

What is the absolute value of 45?

The absolute value of 45 is 45.

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