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The fraction with the greater denominator is less. For example, 1/2 is greater than 1/3 while 1/3 has the greater denominator.

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2009-05-27 23:38:19
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Q: Which fraction is greater if the two fractions have the same numerators annd different denomintors?
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Which fraction is greater if the two fractions have the same denomintors and different numerators?

The fraction that have the greatest numerator.

Describe a way to compare two fractions when the numerators are the same?

When the numerators are the same, the fraction with the lower demomenator is the bigger fraction.

How do you compare fractions in terms of similar and dissimilar fractions?

You can compare similar fractions by looking at their numerators. You can compare dissimilar fractions by converting them to similar fractions and looking at their numerators. You can convert a dissimilar fraction to a similar fraction by finding the least common denominator.

What can You noticE about comparing 2 fractions when the numerators are the same?

The larger fraction is the one with the smaller denominator, when the numerators are the same.

How do you subtract fraction if the if the numerators is the same?

You first have to convert the fractions so that the denominators are the same.

How you multiply fractions?

To multiply fractions, multiply the numerators by the numerators, and the denominators by the denominators, and then (if possible) simplify the resulting fraction. For example, 2/3 x 4/5 = 8/15

How do you sort fractions least to greatest?

Get each fraction to have a common denominator, and then sort the fractions from least to greatest based on the numerators.

How are fraction units different?

They usually have a denominator of 1 although numerators of 1 are also possible.

How do you know if a fraction is greater than anoyher fraction?

Convert both fractions to a common base and compare the size of their numerators.

When comparing fractions what must you do if the numerators are the same?

If the numerators are the same then a fraction with a bigger denominator is smaller than a fraction with a biiger denominator. The bigger the number you divide by, the smalller each bit is.

How do you subtract mixed fractions when they have the same denominator?

The numerator of the answer is the result of subtracting the numerators of the fractions, and the denominator of the fraction is the same as the common denominator.

Which of the fractions is larger five sixths or seven twelfths?

To compare two fractions, find a common denominator, then convert each fraction to equivalent fractions with that common denominator. Finally, you compare the numerators. 5/6

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