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Did technology start in the bronze age

What best explains the effect of job specialization during the neolithic revolution

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Q: Which graph best represents the following situation?
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Which of the following graphs best represents speed on a graph?

Distance and time

Which graph best represents a change of phase from a gas to a solid?

A graph going down from GAS to SOLID best represents a change in phase from a gas to a solid.

Which graph best represents the temperature of a pot of water hanging above a campfire?

Line Graph

What is the best use of a line graph and what is the best use of a bar graph?

a bar graph is best used for comparing amounts, a line graph best represents a steadily increasing value. For example prices of a shirt (line graph), or viscosity of liquids (bar graph).

What shaded area of the graph best represents the percentage of marine organisms that became extinct at the end of the Paleozoic?

The area that best represents it

Which of the following is the best description of a graph?

a representation of an equation

What best represents acceleration as presented on a graph?

Velocity change vs Time

Which graph best represents bonni's position from the base after she finish counting?


Which would best suit this situation a biologist wants to determine how much two species' chromosomes have in common A bar graph venn diagram hiatogram scatter plot line plot stem and leaf plot?

In which of the following situations would a line graph be best?

Why is that line graph the best kind of graph?

While a line graph can help with interpretation by showing the changes in values as a line, there are times when it is not the best king of graph for a particular situation. That is why other kinds of graphs have been developed.

Which graph best represents the snowboarder from point 2 to 3?

It would help to have the graphs to choose from!

Which of the following best represents an isolated system?

outer space

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