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native americans

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Q: Who developed a counting system that included zero?
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What early civilization in the americas developed a counting system that included zero?

the adena

What is the the answer to this problem these included zero and the counting numbers?

Whole Numbers

What counting system does not have a zero?

Roman numerals

Did the Romans invent numbers?

The Romans invented a method for writing numbers but so did other cultures. The Indians developed a numbering system that included the zero. There was no zero in the Roman system.

Which civilization had an advanced counting system?

Maya Counting: The ancient Maya developed a very advanced number system. They were the first in the Americas to use the number zero. Today, people in the Americas count based on the number ten. In ancient Maya times, Maya counting was based on the number twenty.

Is zero included in the real number system?

yes :)

What is the name for the Mayan number system?

the Mayan number system is called the Hieroglyphics, they thought that zero counted as a number, so they put that zero into the counting system... i hope this answer helps

What group was skilled in math and developed the concept zero?

The Indian civilization in India a long time ago were very advanced in all subjects like math and eventually came up with the number system which included zero.=]

What numbers are called counting numbers?

Counting numbers are whole numbers except for zero.Example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... and so onNote: Zero is sometimes included, but you really cannot count zero so the standard definition excludes it.

Wireless Zero Configuration is included from which Windows Operating system?

(Q)-Wireless Zero Configuration was first introduced with which operating system? (A)-Windows XP

Aryabhata was one of the first scientists known to have used?

a binary system of counting in ones and zero's lol

Is -1 a counting number?

No. Counting numbers are greater than zero.

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