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Because the expenses are greater than the income.

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Q: Why a budget line sloping downward?
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Is the production possibilities frontier upward sloping or downward sloping?


Is the demand curve always downward sloping?

Yes,it's always downward sloping

Is The aggregate demand curve downward sloping for the same reason that the demand curve for a single good is downward sloping?

true because it is still supply and demand downward sloping

The graph of a car's speedometer was straight line sloping downward. the car was?

Slowing down or decelerating

What does the downward sloping line in a speed graph mean?

If you are analyzing speed with respect to time, then you are decelerating.

What is budgetline in economics?

budget line in economics can be defined as a line which shows the various combinations of two products that can be bought in a fixed or given income.the budget lie graph is a downward sloping line whose gradient shows the ratio between the prices of two goods X and Y.there will be a parallel shift in the budget line due to an increase or decrease in income!points insyd the budget line are inefficient since income is saved and outside the line they become infeasible.

What is a sloping straight line on a distance time graph?

An upward sloping straight line indicates that the object being studied is moving away from the origin and that the component of its velocity in the radial direction is a constant. A downward sloping line indicates it is moving towards the origin. However, neither line says anything about the transverse component of its motion.

What will be the shape of an isoquant when the elasticity of substitution is infinity?

when the elasticity of substitution is infinity the isoquant will be a straight line sloping downward towards right.

The law of demand implies that the demand curve is?


Does negatively sloped mean downward sloped?

Yes. Negative gradient would mean downward sloping.

The law of demand is illustrated by a demand curve that is.......?

downward sloping

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