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I think that Copernicus preferred to work alone because what he thought went against common religious beliefs.

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Q: Why do Copernicus preferred to work alone?
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Were did Nicolas Copernicus do his work?

in a university

Where did Nicholas Copernicus work?

in an observatory

Who did nicolaus Copernicus work with?

with people

How far could Nickolas Copernicus' telescope see?

Copernicus did not use a telescope in his astronomical work.

Where did Nicolas Copernicus work at?

at university of krakow

Which scientist's work did Copernicus contradict?


Did Copernicus had a wife?

no because his work was to much for him

Where did the scientist Copernicus do his work?

He worked in Europe.

Where did Nicolas Copernicus practice his work?

the playboy manchion

Where did Nicolas Copernicus do most of his work?

In the university of Krakow.

Where did Nicolas Copernicus work?

Mostly in Frombork (Frauenburg)

Why did nicolaus Copernicus do his work?

he did his work to prove his point that he thought were very true