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19 divided by 5, as 19 / 5 = 4, and R1 so 19+1= 20.

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24 DIVIDED BY 4+=5 19

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Q: Write a problem that requires adding 1 to the quotient when interpreting the remainder?
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What are the parts of a division problem?

the parts of division problem are : dividend , divisor , quotient and remainder . where : dividend = quotient * divisor + remainder

What are the parts of a division problem called?

quotient,divisor, and dividend and remainder

Explain how to check a division problem when it has a remainder?

Multiply the quotient times the dividend and then add on the remainder to the product.

What division problem has a quotient of eight and a remainder of 11?

107 divided by 12

The result of division?

The quotient. In the problem 7 / 2 = 3 (+1) The 7 is the "dividend"; the 2 is the "divisor": the 3 is the "quotient" and the 1 is the "remainder".

How do you find the answer to a division problem?

Divide the divisor into the dividend which will result as a quotient and sometimes having a remainder

What are the components of a division problem?

dividend / divisor = quotient Also, the remainder is whatever is left over.

What is a whole number division problem that has a quotient of 9 and a remainder of 5?

95 divided by 10

What is left in a division problem when a quotient is found?

Usually a remainder, decimal or fraction; depending on how you are doing your division

What are the main parts of a division problem?

Divisor, Dividend, Quotient, Remainder Divsion can be likened to successive subtraction.

What is the first number in a divison problem?

There are several parts to a division problem. It is easy to see them with this example. 16 divided by 3 is 5 with a remainder of 1. The number 16 is the dividend and 3 is the divisor. The 5 is the quotient and the 1 is the remainder. To see that the answer of a division problem such as this is correct, just multiply. The divisor multiplied by the quotient plus the remainder is the dividend. So 3x5+1=16 as desired. Of course sometimes you have a problem like 8 divided by 2=4. In this case 8 is the dividend and 2 is the divisor. The number 4 is the quotient. The difference here is there is no remainder.

What is the quotient to a math problem?

The quotient is the answer to a division problem.

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