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The heptagon (7 sided polygon) cannot tessellate. The exterior angle of the heptagon is 51.43 degrees which makes the interior angle 128.57 degrees.

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Q: You cannot tessellate seven-sided polygons by themselves?
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Can you tessellate five sided regular polygons by themselves?

five-sided polygons cannot tessellate

Is it true that you cannot tessellate seven sided polygons by themselves?

You cannot tessellate convex polygons with 7 or more sides.

You cannot tessellate seven sided polygons by themselves?


You cannot tessellate eight-sided polygons by themselves?


You cannot tessellate eight sided regular polygons by themselves?


You cannot tessellate eight-sided regular polygons by themselves.?


You cannot tessellate six-sided regular polygons by themselves.?


You cannot tessellate eight-sided regular polygons by themselves?


You cannot tessellate five-sided regular polygons by themselves?

Mostly true - you cannot tessellate only regular pentagons in two dimensions, since you cannot sum up the intersection of the angles to 360 degrees. If you tessellate a regular pentagon in three dimensions, you end up with a dodecahedron.

CAn You cannot tessellate eight sided regular polygons?

A regular octagon will not tessellate - the 'spaces' left over are squares.

Which polygons cannot be used to form a regular tesselation?

Most regular polygons will not tessellate but if their interior angles is a factor of 360 degrees then they will tessellate or if their angles around a point add up to 360 degrees then they also will tessellate.

Can irregular polygons tessellate?

Some can, but not all. For example, rhombi, rhomboids, oblongs, and isosceles triangles can tessellate; however, most irregular polygons cannot. * * * * * True, but an incomplete answer. All triangles and quadrilaterals, whether regular or irregular, will tessellate. No regular pentagon will tessellate but (as of 2016), there are 15 irregular pentagons which will tessellate. There are 3 convex hexagons, (regular and 2 irregular) which will tessellate. No polygon with 7 or more sides, even if it is regular, will tessellate.

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