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7 2/5 and 13 4/5

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Q: How do you get the answer for Maps with fractional distances?
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Will the fractional scale of a map change if enlarged?

No, the fractional scale of a map does not change when it is enlarged. The fractional scale is a fixed ratio that remains constant regardless of the size of the map. It represents the relationship between distances on the map and actual distances on the ground.

Why do distances appear longer on maps than globes?

It is to do with the scale used on the maps and globes.

How do you read O on a graphic fractional scale?

Graphic and fractional scales are two different things. A graphic scale on a map is a line marked with the lengths which represent real distances. It has a zero at one end. A fractional scale simply gives the ratio between map and real distances, e.g. 1: 10 000, so zero doesn't come into it.

What do most maps have?

Most maps have a key or legend, a scale to show distances, and a compass rose to indicate direction.

What is the fractional scale on a map?

The fractional scale on a map represents the ratio between the distance on the map and the actual distance on the ground. It is typically written as a fraction, such as 1:50,000, indicating that one unit of measurement on the map is equivalent to 50,000 of the same units in the actual world. This scale helps users understand the relationship between map distances and real-world distances.

What is the distances between Carlisle Ohio to Cincinnati Ohio?

It is 40.5 miles according to Google Maps.

What is caused by maps to be two dimensional?

Maps covering a large area suffer from "barrel distortion". In the usual layout of maps, East-West distances are compressed near the equator and exaggerated as you move towards the poles.

1inch equals 5miles and map b 1inch equals 2miles?

Simple, you're dealing with two diferently scaled maps. Topographic maps are drawn to scale. This means that distances on a map are proportional to distances on the ground. For example, if two cities 20 miles apart are shown 4 inches apart on a map, then any other locations that are 4 inches apart on the map are also 20 miles apart. This proportion, the map scale, is constant for the map so it holds for any points on the map. In this example the proportion between equivalent distances on the map and on the ground is expressed as a scale of 1 inch = 5 miles, that is 1 inch on the map is equal to 5 miles on the ground. The simplest form of map scale is a VERBAL SCALE. A verbal scale just states what distance on a map is equal to what distance on the ground, i.e. 1 inch = 5 miles from the example above. Though verbal scales are easy to understand, you usually will not find them printed on topographic maps. Other types of scale used are the fractional scale and the bar scale. In the case of your question, 1in = 5miles equates roughly to a fractional scale of 1:312,500 and 1in = 2miles equates roughly to a fractional scale of 1:125,000

Does one inch equal the same amount on all maps?

No, one inch does not always equal the same distance on all maps. The scale of a map determines how distances on the map relate to actual distances on the Earth's surface. Different maps can have different scales depending on the level of detail and size of the area being depicted.

What are the traveling distances between Sarasota Florida and Tampa Florida?

It is 60 miles according to Google Maps.

How does a scale play a role in maps and globes?

It fixes the relationship between distances in the real world and on the map or globe.

What are the traveling distances between Memphis TN and St. Louis MO?

It ia 284 miles according to Google Maps.