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There will be 4 possible solutions if all you are looking for is the angles, so you will need to find out which quadrant your angle is in.

2sin²x = sin x **Subtract sin x from both sides.

2sin²x - sin x = 0 **Then factor out sin x.

sin x(2sin x - 1) = 0 **Set each equal to zero. (AB=0 is the same as A=0 OR B=0).

sin x = 0 or 2sin x - 1 = 0 to 2sin x = 1 to sin x = 1/2

At this point all that is left to do is find out where sin x = 0 or 1/2, which is 0, 180 for sin x = 0 or 30, 150 for sin x = 1/2.

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2Sin^2X = SinX

Divide through by 'SinX'


2SinX = 1

SinX = 1/2

X = Sin^-1(1/2)

X = 30, 150, ,210, 330, et.seq.,

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im not sure this is right...
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idk if thats rite

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Q: How do you solve 2 sin squared x is equal to sin x?
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How do you solve 2 sin squared x?

Do sin(x), square it, and then multiply it by two.

What does 2sin squared theta equal and why?

It is 2*sin(theta)*sin(theta) because that is how multiplication is defined!

What is Cos squared x equal to?

Cos^2 x = 1 - sin^2 x

How do you solve sin x multiplied to Sin squared x is equal to 1?

sin(x)*sin2(x) = 1 so sin3(x) = 1 so that sin(x) = cuberoot(1) = 1 then x = pi/2 + n*pi where n is an integer.

2 sin squared x plus sin x minus 1 is equal to 0 solve for x?

2 sin2(x) + sin(x) - 1 = 0(2 sin + 1) (sin - 1) = 0Either 2 sin(x) + 1 = 02sin(x) = -1sin(x) = -0.5x = 210°, 330°or sin(x) - 1 = 0sin(x) = 1x = 90°

What does cos squared x - Sin squared x equal?

2 x cosine squared x -1 which also equals cos (2x)

What is sine squared?

Answer 1 Put simply, sine squared is sinX x sinX. However, sine is a function, so the real question must be 'what is sinx squared' or 'what is sin squared x': 'Sin(x) squared' would be sin(x^2), i.e. the 'x' is squared before performing the function sin. 'Sin squared x' would be sin^2(x) i.e. sin squared times sin squared: sin(x) x sin(x). This can also be written as (sinx)^2 but means exactly the same. Answer 2 Sine squared is sin^2(x). If the power was placed like this sin(x)^2, then the X is what is being squared. If it's sin^2(x) it's telling you they want sin(x) times sin(x).

How do you solve 2 sin squared theta equals one fourth?

2 sin^2 theta = 1/4 sin^2 theta = 1/8 sin theta = sqrt(1/8) theta = arcsin(sqrt(1/8))

Is 2 sin squared x the same as 2 sin x?


What is sine squared times cotangent squared times secant squared?

The answer is 1. sin^2 x cos^2/sin^2 x 1/cos^2 cos^2 will be cancelled =1 sin^2 also will be cancelled=1 1/1 = 1

What does Sin squared x Cos squared x equal?

sin2 x = (1/2)(1 - cos 2x) cos2 x = (1/2)(1 + cos 2x) Multiplying both you get (1/4) (1 - cos2 2x) Which is equal to (1/4) (1 - (1/2) (1 + cos 4x) = (1/8) (2 - 1 - cos 4x) = (1/8) (1 - cos 4x) Or If it is the trigonomic function, sin squared x and cosine squared x is equal to one

What is sin squared at 45 degree?

It is 1/2

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