How many acre in a decimal?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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This question cannot be answered sensibly. An acre is a measure of area, with dimensions [L2]. A decimal is a number with no dimensions. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional information.

Perhaps you meant to ask how many acres (English surface area measure) equal one hectare (metric surface area measure)?

If so, one acre equals .3345 hectare.

One hectare equals just under 3 acres.

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Q: How many acre in a decimal?
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How many decimal land in one acre?

1 acre = 100 decimal.

How many decimal equal to 1 acre?

decimal equal to how many feet

How many acres is 50 feet by 720 feet?

0.08264 acre to five decimal places1 acre = 43560.04 ft2Determine the square feet from the measurements given.50 ft x 720 ft = 36000 ft2Determine howmany acres are in 36000 ft2.36000 ft2x (1 acre)/(43560.04 ft2) = 0.08264 acre to five decimal places

What percentage is 0.12 acre?

You simply move the decimal point two places. This would be 12 percent of an acre.

How many decimals are equal to one acre?

This question makes no sense whatsoever. An acre is an area, a decimal is a kind of number. Numbers do not make an area and areas do not make up numbers. -------------------------------------- Please ignore the answer above. People need to stop posting things they don't know. A decimal is a measure of land, most commonly used in South East Asia. Here is how it measures up: 1 decimal = 1/100 acre = 435.60 sq. ft. So, 1 acre = 100 decimals of land.

How many sq feet is equal to 1 decimal?

Usually one decimal equals 100 acres and one acre equals 43559.99 square feet. You can now easily convert decimal to square feet! Hope it helped ;)

Is 300ft by 100ft o69 of an acre?

Yes, an acre contains 43,560 square feet. The conversion says that it would be .69 of an acre.

How many centimetres are in a acre?

How many centimeters are in a acre

A house for sale is on a quarter of an acre of land how is this amount written as a decimal?


How many acres in a property 25 meters by 25 meters?

1 acre is 100 decimals so 25 decimals is a quarter of an acre

Are hectare and acres are the same?

No Acre is old-fashioned measurement Hectare is decimal / modern

How many square feet are in one decimal?

The decimal (sometimes decimel) is an "outdated" unit of area that is still used in more rural parts of Bangladesh and India. It's about 1/100th of an acre, or about 40.46 square meters. That's about 435.5 square feet. On a regulation football field, that's the area from the goal line to about the 27 yard line, and the width of the field, if that helps.