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It means that some equations can have more than one solution, and that you are supposed to find all of them. For example, equations with polynomials tend to have more than once solution; thus, x squared = 25 is satisfied both for x = 5, and for x = -5.

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Give a general expression that encompasses all possible answers, or give each root of an equation

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Q: What does all solutions mean when solving an algebraic equation?
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What does extraneous mean What must you do to determine whether a solution is an extraneous solution?

Extraneous means extra and unnecessary. Extraneous solutions are values that can arise from the process of solving the equation but do not in fact satisfy the initial equation. These solutions occur most often when not all parts of the process of solving are not completely reversible - for example, if both sides of the equation are squared at some point.

What is the verbal equation for a number decreased by four is -12?

You just wrote the verbal equation. Do you mean the algebraic equation? X - 4 = - 12 ---------------

How is solving a quadratic equation the same as finding its roots?

That is what roots mean!

Pi is transcendental What does this mean?

Real but not a root of an algebraic equation with rational roots coefficients

What does Pi is transcentental mean in mathematics?

It means it is not an algebraic number. Algebraic numbers include square roots, cubic roots, etc., but more generally, algebraic numbers are solutions of polynomial equations.

What does the discriminant tell you?

The discriminant tells you how many solutions there are to an equation The discriminant is b2-4ac For example, two solutions for a equation would mean the discriminant is positive. If it had 1 solution would mean the discriminant is zero If it had no solutions would mean that the discriminant is negative

What is the answer for the algebraic equation -14 r -42?


What does it mean if an equation equals 0 does it have one solution no solution or indefinitely many solutions?

It has infinitely many solutions.

What does solution set mean in math?

The set of all the solutions of an equation or condition

What is 5x-4y-28?

It is an algebraic expression but if you mean 5x-4y-28 = 0 then it is a straight line equation.

What does it mean when the result of solving a linear equation is x equals 0?

Solving a one variable linear equation involves getting the variable on one side of the equals sign by itself. To do this one uses the properties of numbers.

What are the solutions for the quadratic equation 8x x2 - 9?

If you mean: x2+8x-9 = 0 then the solutions are x = 1 and x = -9