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technically they could need agility as the gcse specification definition is: the ability to move AND change direction quickly (at speed) whilst maintaining control. therefore you must have agility to be able to move at speed whilst maintaining control otherwise you would just fall over your own feet!!

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they do not need agility as it is not relevant to their sport as they are running in a straight line rather than constantly changing direction.

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Q: Why do 100 meter sprinters need agility?
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100 meter sprinters can not run the inner curve because they slow down as they are turning

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Biomechanics in the 100 meter sprint refer to the use and angle of the arms and legs. Much of what sprinters focus on is their biomechanics.

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Why does a 100 meter sprinter need flexibility?

Sprinters use muscular strength/ power to get a good powerful and strong start from the starting blocks and also to sprint as hard as they can as usually sprinters cover a relatively short distance (100/200m). sprinting is also an anaerobic activity, if aerobic (such as marathon running) then muscular ENDURANCE would be required instead of muscular STRENGTH. However, when marathon running anaerobic respiration is needed as a final sprint towards the finish line.

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