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Standard deviations are measures of data distributions. Therefore, a single number cannot have meaningful standard deviation.

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Q: How do you find highest standard deviation in given number?
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What is the standard deviation of the data set given below?

A single number, such as 478912, always has a standard deviation of 0.

What is he standard deviation of the data set given below 478912?

A single number, such as 478912, always has a standard deviation of 0.

How do you calculate variance given standard deviation?

Square the standard deviation and you will have the variance.

What is percentile deviation?

A standard deviation in statistics is the amount at which a large number of given values in a set might deviate from the average. A percentile deviation represents this deviation as a percentage of the range.

Is it possible that population standard deviation is given but population mean is not given?


What does the standard deviation tell us?

standard deviation is the square roots of variance, a measure of spread or variability of data . it is given by (variance)^1/2

Given that the variance for a data set is 1.20 what is the standard deviation?


Why would someone need a standard deviation calculator?

A standard deviation calculator allows the user to find the mean spread away from the mean in a statistical environment. Most users needing to find the standard deviation are in the statistics field. Usually, the data set will be given and must be typed into the calculator. The standard deviation calculator will then give the standard deviation of the data. In order to find the variance of the data, simply square the answer.

How do you calculate probability given mean and standard deviation?

The mean and standard deviation do not, by themselves, provide enough information to calculate probability. You also need to know the distribution of the variable in question.

What is the answer for calculate the mean and standard deviation for the subset of Fibonacci series given here 8 13 21 34 55 89 144?

49.30179172 is the standard deviation and 52 is the mean.

How do you find number of observations in a given statistical grouped data within 1.6 standard deviation?

1.6*s+mean and1.6*s and count numbers between them

How do you find the sample size when given the standard deviation and the mean with a sample value?

You cannot from the information provided.

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