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The mean and standard deviation do not, by themselves, provide enough information to calculate probability. You also need to know the distribution of the variable in question.

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Q: How do you calculate probability given mean and standard deviation?
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How do you calculate variance given standard deviation?

Square the standard deviation and you will have the variance.

What is the answer for calculate the mean and standard deviation for the subset of Fibonacci series given here 8 13 21 34 55 89 144?

49.30179172 is the standard deviation and 52 is the mean.

The probability of a phone being answered at 2 min given the average time is 3?

In order to answer this question, you will need to provide the standard deviation.

Poisson distribution the mean and standard deviation?

The Poisson distribution is a discrete distribution, with random variable k, related to the number events. The discrete probability function (probability mass function) is given as: f(k; L) where L (lambda) is the mean and square root of lambda is the standard deviation, as given in the link below:

What is the standard deviation of the data set given below?

A single number, such as 478912, always has a standard deviation of 0.

The population standard deviation on a given measure of aggressive behavior equals 18 and you have 25 cases available for your assessment Calculate the standard error of the mean?


What is the z score of x equals 108?

You need the mean and standard deviation in order to calculate the z-score. Neither are given.

What is he standard deviation of the data set given below 478912?

A single number, such as 478912, always has a standard deviation of 0.

Is it possible that population standard deviation is given but population mean is not given?


How do you find highest standard deviation in given number?

Standard deviations are measures of data distributions. Therefore, a single number cannot have meaningful standard deviation.

What is the relationship between standard deviation and accuracy?

It depends what you're asking. The question is extremely unclear. Accuracy of what exactly? Even in the realm of statistics an entire book could be written to address such an ambiguous question (to answer a myriad of possible questions). If you simply are asking what the relationship between the probability that something will occur given the know distribution of outcomes (such as a normal distribution), the mean of that that distribution, and the the standard deviation, then the standard deviation as a represents the spread of the curve of probability. This means that if you had a cure where 0 was the mean, and 3 was the standard deviation, the likelihood of observing a value of 12 (or -12) would be likely inaccurate if that was your prediction. However, if you had a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 100, the likelihood of observing of a 12 (or -12) would be quite likely. This is simply because the standard deviation provides a simple representation of the horizontal spread of probability on the x-axis.

When an average rate of return of 16.7 percent and a standard deviation of 43.1 percent What is the approximate probability that this stock will yield more than 60 percent in any given year?

Assuming the returns are nomally distributed, the probability is 0.1575.

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