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Generally, the larger the sample the more reliable the results.


If you flipped a coin twice and got heads both times you could say the coined is biased towards heads.

However, if you repeat the experiment 100 times your results will be a lot more reliable.

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Q: In statistics which is better large sample size or small sample size?
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Why is a large sample better than a small sample?

A large sample will reduce the effects of random variations.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of inferential statistics?

One advantage of inferential statistics is that large predictions can be made from small data sets. However, if the sample is not representative of the population then the predictions will be incorrect.

What is the small part of a group chosen that represents the whole group?

In statistics it is a random sample

Why wont a sample statistics change from sample to sample?

The sample mean may differ from the population mean, especially for small samples.

What is used to create a large sample of DNA for testing for a small sample of DNA?


What is the weight of mag chloride?

It depends on how large or small your sample is.

Will a large sample size and a small sample variance produce the largest value for the estimated standard error?


Is a large matrix with small pixels better than a small matrix with large pixels?

A large matrix with small pixel will give a better resolution.

What does it means if the standard deviation is large?

that you have a large variance in the population and/or your sample size is too small

What is the term for a small group that accurately reflects a large population?

Representative Sample.

Explain the differences between a sample and a population?

A sample consists of a small portion of data when a population is taken from a large amount.

Which of the following samples will produce the largest value for the estimated standard error?

A small sample size and a large sample variance.

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