What is 90th percentile out of 40?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For a complete definition of Percentile see the related link. A percentile is the value of a variable below which a certain percent of observations fall

The 90th percentile is typically the point at which 10 percent of the highest scores fall.

If you assume that scores are out of 40, and that they are evenly distributed (an unlikely event in real life), then the 90th percentile is all scores above 36.

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Q: What is 90th percentile out of 40?
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Does 90th percentile equal top 10 percent?

That's right, the 90th percentile is the top 10%.

What is adult 90th height percentile?

6'1 1/2" is the 90th.

Calculate 90th percentile of eight sample results?

0.90 x 8 = 7.2 0.90 = 90/100 (90th percentile) 8 = 8 samples 7.2 has to be rounded to the nearest even 8 so the 8th result is the 90th percentile value

How many standard deviations above the mean is the 90th percentile?

It is 1.28

What is the 90th percentile?

90th percentile is simple another way of saying that 9% scored above and 90% scored below (the other 1% being the number 90). For example, if you take a type of standardized test in high school, if you do well, you are at the 90th percentile, meaning 90% of students scored lower than you and 9% scored better. You can not be in the 100% percentile, because you cannot score better than yourself.

What percentile does a raw score in the 70s or 80s on a practice test of the Miller Analogies Test represent?

Raw scores in the 70s or 80s correspond to the 90th or 95th percentile.

What does it mean to be in the 90th percentile?

It means that the value of the observation is in the highest ten percent. Whether that is good or bad depends on the context.

What does being in the 40 percentile mean?

being in the 40 percentile means that 40 percent of the population is the same as you are in this particular factor. This means that 60 percent of the population is different.

The national average SAT score is 1028 with a standard deviation of 92 Assuming a normal distribution what score corresponds to the 90th percentile?


What is the 90th percentile for the following 12 20 50 60 80 90 90 110 140 180 260 340 380 1600?


Is 180 a good score on the PSAT for a seventh grader taking it for the first time?

Yes. It is a very good score for a seventh grade and is approximately equivalent to the 90th percentile for a sophomore.

A Typical College Graduate has an IQ score of 120 What percentage of the population has a higher IQ?

ca. 9 % has an higher IQ.... (IQ 119 90th percentile equals top 10%)