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A sample survey is quicker and cheaper. If the survey is well designed then the results are likely to be close to their true values.

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Q: What is the advantage of samle survey over census?
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Difference between a Census and a Survey?

A census is a statistical enumeration and analysis of a certain population, be it humans, animals or plants - groups that grow and change over time. A survey can be a tally of opinions or answers. See "Family Feud" when Richard Dawson says, "Survey says...!!!!"

What is an advantage of incorporating the use of opsec survey?

A. allows for any changes in OPSEC factors over time.

Advantages of census over sample survey?

It is more accurate, unbiased and includes every item in the population, whereas sampling may be biased, and sampling is not totally representative.

Importance of census of population?

The worldÕs population is over 7 billion people based on the last count through the way called census. Census records details of individual to have an official count or a survey of a certain population.

How does the government know the population size?

Every ten years the government has a survey given to every U.S. resident. This survey is commonly known as a census. There are questions like "How many people live in your residence?" and "What is your gender?" The government publishes these results after a certain period of time. The census helps the government determine how much money to spend on certain facilities such as schools and hospitals. It can also help find workers that may need a job. The government has over 400 billion dollars to spend on facilities and projects, and the census divides up the money.

What is a census and how often is it taken in US?

Every 10 Years =]

What type of population statistics can be gathered with collecting data?

The National Census Bureau is responsible for maintaining the census database. A population census can take over a year to complete. The census statistics will show the current population of the town or city and how it has grown or not over the past ten years.

The main advantage of ECL over TTL?

The main advantage of ECL over TTL is speed.

Components of the NCVS its advantage over other research tools in producing a complete picture of crime and those who are victimized and problems associated with the survey?

Most research tools look at the official reports for crimes, which means that they do not take unreported crime into account like the NCVS does. The NCVS is a phone survey which randomly talks to a large number of people and asks them if they've ever been a victim of a crime and whether they reported it. Because this survey is conducted over the phone, it is easy to lie about or misinterpret the questions.

What advantage does standard form have over scientific notation?

It has no advantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of sampling over population census?


What are the advantage of semiconductor over conductor?

the advantage of a semiconductor over a conductor is that a semiconductor can be used as a conductor and as an insulator.