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It is more accurate, unbiased and includes every item in the population, whereas sampling may be biased, and sampling is not totally representative.

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2012-03-25 15:42:40
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Q: Advantages of census over sample survey?
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What is the advantage of samle survey over census?

A sample survey is quicker and cheaper. If the survey is well designed then the results are likely to be close to their true values.

Why is a sample usually preferred over a census?

Less time and less cost for a sample.

Advantages and disadvantages of sampling over population census?


Why is sampling preferred over census?

Less time and less cost for a sample

When would you use a survey instead of a sample?

Actually, a survey is means of getting a sample. Whether you send a questionaire, ask people's opinion or have people give opinions over the interpet, your dataset is a sample or subset of the population.

What is a census and how often is it taken in US?

A census is a worldwide survey that counts all the people in the world and it is taken when 10 years are over

Difference between census and survey?

A census is a statistical enumeration and analysis of a certain population, be it humans, animals or plants - groups that grow and change over time. A survey can be a tally of opinions or answers. See "Family Feud" when Richard Dawson says, "Survey says...!!!!"

What is census?

The worldÕs population is over 7 billion people based on the last count through the way called census. Census records details of individual to have an official count or a survey of a certain population.

What is an example of Voluntary Response Sample?

An example of voluntary response sample would be when a radio talk-show decides to run a call-in survey on a controversial topic, such as gun control. The most likely callers are going to be people with the strongest opinions, thus the sample that results from the survey is going to over-represent those very people.

What is the difference between random and stratified sample in the survey method?

The main difference is that the way of selecting a sample Random sample purely on randomly selected sample,in random sample every objective has a an equal chance to get into sample but it may follow heterogeneous,to over come this problem we can use stratified Random Sample Here the difference is that random sample may follow heterogeneity and Stratified follows homogeneity

What is the difference between the population mean and sample mean?

The population mean is the mean calculated over every member of the set of subjects being studied. It is usually not available and a survey is used to find an estimate for the population mean. The mean value of the variable in question, calculated from only the subjects included in the sample (or survey) is the sample mean. Provided some basic statistical requirements are met, the sample mean is a "good" estimate of the population mean.

A recent survey found that 70 percent of all adults over 50 wear glasses for driving In a random sample of 10 adults over 50 what is the probability that at least six wear glasses?

.85 or 85%

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