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Yes, that is why they are called "principal". The domains are restricted so that the functions become injective.

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Q: Is the principal trignometric functions are injective?
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Express all the trignometric ratios in terms of COS A?

Provided that any denominator is non-zero, sin = sqrt(1 - cos^2)tan = sqrt(1 - cos^2)/cos sec = 1/cos cosec = 1/sqrt(1 - cos^2) cot = cos/sqrt(1 - cos^2)

Uses of six trigonometry functions?

The trigonometric functions give ratios defined by an angle. Whenever you have an angle and a side in right triangle, you can find all the other angles and sides using the six trigonometric functions and their inverses. The link below demonstrates the relationship between functions.

Topics need for trigonometry?

There are several topics under the broad category of trigonometry. * Angle measurements * Properties of angles and circles * Basic trigonometric functions and their reciprocals and co-functions * Graphs of trigonometric functions * Trigonometric identities * Angle addition and subtraction formulas for trigonometric functions * Double and half angle formulas for trigonometric functions * Law of sines and law of cosines * Polar and polar imaginary coordinates.

What are some questions about hyperbolic functions?

* What are the exponential equivalents of hyperbolics? * How do hyperbolics relate to standard trig functions? * What shape does cosh produce? * Why does cosh grow faster than sinh? * What are the derivatives and integrals of various functions?

Find the range of trigonometric points?

The range of the circular trig functions sin and cos is is [-1,1], but even in the case of circular functions the range of the tangent function is all real numbers. This is of course true of tangent even if we do not limit it to circular functions. So your question, I assume, is asking about all trig functions. If so the range is all real numbers.

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How do you find x in a trignometric functions?

find x. given is 14 and a 90 degree angle

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Examples of trigonometric function?

There r 6 trignometric functions,namely sin a cos a tan a cosec a sec a cot a where a is the angle. Trigonometric functions didn't exist without angles.

Why do the trignometric functions stay the same if the triangle is made larger or smaller without changing the angle?

Because both triangles will be proportionally similar in size and so therefore retaining the same 3 interior angles.

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A one-to-one function, a.k.a. an injective function.

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