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Q: Can a divisor of 8 have a remainder of 8?
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What is the divisor when the dividend is 53 and the quotient is 5 with a remainder of 8?

The divisor is 9. quotient x divisor + remainder = dividend ⇒ quotient x divisor = dividend - remainder ⇒ divisor = (dividend - remainder) ÷ quotient = (53 - 8) ÷ 5 = 45 ÷ 5 = 9

What is the greatest remainder you can get with a divisor of 8?


What is the greatest remainder possible if you have the divisor 8?


What is 71 over 8 as a mixed number?

To find the mixed number you need to first divide to find the quotient and remainder. So 71 over 8 has a quotient of 8 and remainder 7. So the general way of writing a mixed number is dividend over divisor = quotient (remainder over divisor) dividend/divisor = quotient remainder/divisor) So 71 over 8 = 8 7/8.

What following numbers is a reasonable remainder if the divisor is 7 is it 7 14 5 or 8?

5. The remainder will never be more than the divisor.

How many remainders when 8 is made as the divisor?

Walang remainder

What is the largest possible remainder for a math problem with 8 as the divisor?

If you divide by 8, the remainder can be any number from 0 to 7.

What divisors can you get a remainder of 8 when you divide a 3 digit by a 1 digit and why?

9. The divisor must be greater than the remainder. A 1 digit divisor that is greater than 8 can only be 9.

What is the greatest remainder you could have with the divisor 8?

The greatest integer remainder is 7 but otherwise, 7.999... .

When the quotient is 8 the divisor is 4 and the remainder is 3 the dividend is?

The dividend is 35 because 35/4 = 8 with a remainder of 3

Why must the remainder be less than the divisor?

The remainder is less than the divisor because if the remainder was greater than the divisor, you have the wrong quotient. In other words, you should increase your quotient until your remainder is less than your divisor!

Divisor and remainder is given find the dividend?

quotent X divisor + remainder = dividend

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