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So the problem is: Solve: 4x2 - x = 3

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Q: Can you solve If you subtract a number from four times its square the result is three?
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How do you solve a 3x3 magic square with the sum of 6?

A normal 3x3 magic square has a sum of 15. So you subtract 3 from each number in the square.

How can you solve of number of neutrons?

Subtract the atomic number from the mass number

Given a number. square it. then subtract the sum of twice the number and 4 The result is zero. Find the number?

You want to create an equation for this. The equation should look like this: x^2 - 2x + 4 = 0 Use the quadratic equation to solve it.

How do you solve this word problemTake a number. Double the number. Subtract 6 from the result and divide the answer by 2. The quotient will be 20. What is the number?

Let the number be x and so if: (2x-6)/2 = 20 then x = 23

Completing the square method?

Completing the square is a method to solve quadratic equations. To use this method you take the number without a variable and subtract it from both sides, so that it is on the opposite side of the equation. Then add the square of half the coefficient of the x-term to both sides. This will give you a perfect square equation to solve for.

What is a way to solve an error in a science project?

Subtract the average from highest result subtract the smallest result from average pick the highest number of two numbers put the symbol plus or minus TA DA that's your error

How do you solve integers and absolute value?

To solve equations with absolute values in them, square the absolute value and then take the square root. This works because the square of a negative number is positive, and the square root of that square is the abosolute value of the original number.

Math terms that begin with the letter S?

* subtract * solve * scalene (type of triangle) * square * square root * sum * six * seven * square feet * symmetry * symbol * set * sub set * sine

How do you write the equation for when a number is tripled the result is 33 find the number?

Solve 3x = 33

Solve a number increased by nine is fifteen?

Let x represent the unknown number and use the known numbers to solve. Set up the equation: x + 9 = 15 (subtract 9 from each side to solve for the unknown number) x = 6

How do you solve this 18 - 7 0?

to solve 18-70 you would subtract just like any other equation. 18-70 is equal to a negative number, -52.

Ways to solve pythagorean theorem?


How do you solve the square root to problems?

simply see what you can multiply twice to get the number under the square root sign.

How do you solve square root 143?

The square root of 143 is an irrational number and it is about 11.958 to three decimal places

How to solve a problem that has numbers in parenthesis then to the 2nd power?

You square the number in the parentheses.

How do you solve slope in algebra?

you solve y2-y1 over (meaning fraction) x2-x1. meaning you take the last number of your first coordinate and subtract the first number. then do same for the other coordinate and put answers into fraction as I said.

What is under the radical sign?

The radicand which is the name for the number that you are trying to solve the square root of.

How do you solve x plus 2y4 for y for graphing?

Set it equal to 0 and subtract x and solve for y

The equation s plus 12-2 equals 42 what number do you subtract to solve the equation?

You can first subtract 2 from 12 to get 10. Then when you bring 10 across the = sign, it becomes -10, so 42-10 is 32.

Can you solve a quadratic equation by completing the square even though it is not a perfect square?

Yes, it won't be exact, but you can round the number to get a close estimate.

How will you solve 100 less than 1000?

You subtract, 1000 - 100.

Is pi used to solve square root?

No, pi is not used to solve a square root problem.

How do you solve 719 minus 423?

I put the larger number above the smaller number and then I subtract. 719 423 ----- 296

Solve Twice a number is one more than square of that number?

1 :D 1x1=1 1+1=2

How do you solve the missing number?

E.g. 6 + _ = 15. To find the answer, subtract 6 from 15 = 9. Answer: 6 + 9 = 15 This may be relevant or irrelevant to the question.