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You can't determine velocity from that graph, because the graph tells you

nothing about the direction of the motion. But you can determine the speed.

The speed at any moment is the slope of a line that's tangent to the graph

at that moment.

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How do you determine velocity using accelaration vs time graph?

The change in velocity is the area under the graph from t1 to t2. If the initial velocity is zero, the velocity at time, tf, is the area from t = 0 to tf.

How do you determine mass using momentum and velocity?

Momentum = (mass) times (velocity)mass = (Momentum) divided by (velocity)

How do you find acceleration using mass and velocity?

Acceleration is change in velocity per unit time(derivative of velocity with respect to time). If you have a graph or chart of velocity values vs time, then you can calculate (change in velocity) / (change in time). This is the slope of the graph at a specific point in time.Mass, along with acceleration determines force.

Sketch a distance-time graph for a body starting from rest how will you determine the speed of a body from this graph?

It is not possible to sketch anything using this browser. The speed of a body cannot be determined from a distance-time graph. The slope of the graph is a measure of the radial velocity - that is the speed directly towards or directly away from the starting point. However, there is absolutely no information of any motion in a transverse direction. Since motion in this direction cannot be assumed to be 0, the distance-time graph cannot be used to determine speed.

How do you calculate velocity based on distance and time?

average velocity is distance/time (metres per second) precise velocity can be calculated from a maths expression such as d = t^2 where velocity is slope of graph at any point , using differential calculus

Is displacement the slope of a velocity vs time graph?

Displacement can be found by the area underneath the line of a velocity vs. time graph. This area can be found by using a definite integral if you know calculus, or if not it can be found simply by counting squares, or finding the area of triangles etc. Hope it helped :)

How do you determine a cars final speed after acelerating for three seconds?

Using the equation of motion v = u + at. v-the final velocity, u - initial velocity a- acceleration and t-the time.

What is a graph that displays data using line segments?

The graph that displays data using line segments is a line graph.

How do you Graph 6.5t?

There are many ways to graph 6.5t like using a bar graph, a pictograph or a line graph. When using a pictograph you will find the time and times it by how much.

How are a bar graph and a line graph different?

a bar graph is a graph that displays data using bars and a line graph is a graph that displays data in a line

How do you determine the speed of a moving object?

The average speed of an moving object is determined by using the formula velocity=distance/time or v=d/t.

What is graph that displays data using line segments?

A line graph.

How do you draw a coordinate graph?

how can you draw a coordinate graph using feet and meters

The x and y component of a billiard balls velocity are 5 m s and 4 m s respectively What is the actual velocity of the billiard ball?

Using the Pythagorean theorem, we can determine the actual velocity in the xy plane to be (the square root of 41) m/s along the vector [5,4].

What type of data can be displayed on a pie graph and on a bar graph?

A pie chart, also known as a circle graph, shows categorical data using percentages. A bar graph shows categorical data using whole numbers.

What is a displacement time graph?

A displacement time graph is a graph that consists of an x and y axis using displacement, by time.

What is a concrete graph?

A concrete graph is a graph that records, organizes, and displays data using objects on a mat with appropriate labels.

Scentific definition of a circle graph?

circle graph= a graph that represents data using sections of a circle. The sum of the percents in a circle graph is 100o/o

What kid of graph presents data using vertical or horizontal bars?

A bar graph

How can you find the solution to a system of equatios using a graph?

Graph both and where they cross is the answer to both.

What is the definition qualitative graph?

a graph where a function is described without using specific values

How do you find Mass using Momentum and velocity?

Momentum = (mass) x (velocity)Divide each side of the equation by (velocity) :(mass) = Momentum/(velocity)

Can you determine whether the inverse of a function is a function by using vertical line test?

Not quite. You can use a vertical line test on the graph of the inverse mapping, OR you can use a horizontal line test on the original graph. The horizontal line test is used in the same way.

The picture shows the position of a ball every 0.25 second on a photogram. Using a ruler determine the velocity of the ball?

13 cm/s Good luck on the Island

Which graph would you use to show percentages?

A pie graph is best for using to show percentages.

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