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(2x + 1)(4x^2 - 2x + 1)

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Q: How do you factor 8x cubed plus one?
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Related questions

Factor 24 cubed plus 27x squared - 8x - 9?

(8x + 9)(3x^2 - 1)

How do you factor 8x cubed plus 125?

(2x + 5)(4x2 - 10x + 25)

Factor 8x cubed plus 2x squared plus 12x plus 3?

The answer is (2x^2+3)(4x+1)

Factor 2x cubed plus 6x squared plus 8x plus 24?

2(x + 3)(x^2 + 4)

How do you factor 2x squared times y cubed-6x cubed times y to the 4th plus 8x to the 4th times y to the third?

2x^2y^3(4x^2 - 3xy + 1)

What is the greatest common factor of 24x cubed ans 64x?

the GCF is 8x

How do you factor 8x cubed minus 1?

(2x - 1)(4x2 + 2x + 1)

How do you factor 125 8x cubed?

(2x + 5)(4x^2 - 10x + 25)

Factor the trinomal -8x plus 3x2 - 3?

-8x + 3x2 - 3

How do you factor 8x3-8x2 plus 8x?


Factor x2 plus 8x plus 15?

x2 + 8x + 15 = (x + 3)(x + 5)

How do you factor x2 plus 8x plus 15?

x2 + 8x + 15 = (x + 3) (x + 5).

Does this have a factor x2-8x plus 6?

That does not factor neatly.

What is y2 plus 8x plus 7 factored?

This is not factor-able.

What is the gcf of 8x plus 16?

It is not possible to give a sensible answer to this question. The greatest common factor (GCF) refers to a factor that is COMMON to two or more numbers. You have only one expression, 8x+16, in the question!

Can anybody factor 8xยฒ-8xยณ plus 2x4?

2x^2(x - 2)(x - 2)

How to factor 3x2 plus 8x plus 5?

(x + 1)(3x + 5)

Factor x2 plus 8x plus 12?

(x + 6)(x + 2)

Who can factor 9x squared plus 8x -1?

9x2 + 8x - 1 = (9x - 1)(x + 1)

Which of the following factor of x2-8x plus 15?

x2-8x+15 = (x-3)(x-5)

How do you factor 8xsquared plus 72x?


How do you factor xยฒ plus 8x plus 5x plus 40?

(x + 5)(x + 8)

Factor x2 plus 8x?

x2 + 8x = x(x+8)

What is the factor of the polynomial x2 - 8x plus 16?

x2-8x+16 = (x-4)(x-4) when factored

How do you simplify 8x cubed divided by 2x show me step by step?