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theta = arcsin(0.0138) is the principal value.

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Q: How do you figure this out Sin theta equals 0.0138 so theta equals what?
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Sin equals 0.9?

If sin(theta) is 0.9, then theta is about 64 degrees or about 116 degrees.

Sin theta equals zero answer in radians in terms of pi?

Theta equals 0 or pi.

How do you calculate Sin theta equals 13 times sin 32 degrees divided by 8?

sin (theta) = [13* sin (32o)]/8 = 13*0.529919264/8 = 0.861118804 [theta] = sin-1 (0.861118804) [theta] = 59.44o

How do you solve 2 sin squared theta equals one fourth?

2 sin^2 theta = 1/4 sin^2 theta = 1/8 sin theta = sqrt(1/8) theta = arcsin(sqrt(1/8))

If sin theta equals 3/4 and theta is in quadrant II what is the value of tan theta?


How do you solve sin2 theta if sin theta equals 3 over 5 and theta is in the first quadrant?

If sin (theta) is 3/5, then sin2 (theta) is (3/5)2, or 9/25.

For what values of theta the theta equals sin theta please give eg?

sin(0)=0 and sin(very large number) is approximately equal to that same very large number.

Condition where tangential force is considered almost horizontal?

when sin theta almost equals to theta in radians

Can you solve sin 2 theta equals 0?

If sin2(theta) = 0, then theta is N pi, N being any integer

Sketch a polar curve for r equals sin theta?

It will be a circle.

Find theta if theta is 0 deg theta 360 deg and 2 sin theta plus 1 equals 0?

2 sin (Θ) + 1 = 0sin (Θ) = -1/2Θ = 210°Θ = 330°

How do you figure this out Sin theta equals -0.0138 so theta equals what?

Depending on your calculator, you should have an arcsin function, which appears as sin^-1. It's usually a 2nd function of the sin key. If you don't have this function, there are many free calculators you can download... just google scientific calculator downloads.Anyway, this inverse function will give you theta when you plug in the value of sin theta. Here's the algebra written out:sin(theta)=-0.0138arcsin(sin(theta))=arcsin(-0.0138)theta=.......The inverse function applied to both sides of the equation "cancels out" the sin function and yields the value of the angle that was originally plugged into the function, in this case theta. You can use this principle to solve for theta for any of the other trig functions:arccos(cos(theta))=thetaarctan(tan(theta))=thetaand so on, but calculators usually only have these three inverse functions, so if you encounter a problem using sec, csc, or cot, you need to rewrite it as cos, sin, or tan.sec=1/coscsc=1/sincot=1/tan