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Each bit can be on or off giving 2 possible states, and for each bit the other bits can be in either state; so there are 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 26 = 64 possible numbers (which can either represent 0 to 63 or -32 to +31 using signed numbers).

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Q: How many binary number combinations using 6 bits?
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What is the number that you can count up to using 10 bits?

the highest number you can count up to using 10 bits is 1029 using binary

What is the number of bits required for a binary code to represent 100 different combinations?

7 bits can show all 128 possible arrangements of 'yes' and 'no'. 6 bits can show only 64 possibilities.

What is the largest number that can be represented using 5 bits?

31 - it's binary equivalent is 11111

What does the decimal number 255 mean in binary?

255 as a decimal number (also known as a base 10 number) = 11111111 in binary (also known as a base 2 number). In binary, each digit is known as a bit, and 8 bits are known as 1 byte. 255 is the largest (positive) number you can make in binary using only 8 bits (1 byte).

What is the largest binary number that can be obtained with 64 bits?

the largest binary number is 1.84467440737e19. to figure this out you put 2 to the exponent of the certain amount of bits. Eg: 2^64 equals the binary number

What are bits?

A bit is a single digit of a binary number.

A combination of eight 0s and 1's binary digit is reffered to?

A binary number containing eight bits is referred to as one "Byte". A binary number containing four bits is referred to as one "Nibble".

How many unique values can be respresented using 7 bits?

a general rule for binary is that the number of alternatives = 2 raised to the # of bits power. Two to the seventh power is 128

If a binary number needs to represent 16 different values how long must the number be in bits?

4 bits

What is the Largest real number that can be stored in binary using 16 bits?

1111 1111 1111 1111 = 2^16 = 65536

What is a binary counter?

It counts bits of information using 1s and 0s

What is the maximum value of a binary number with 8 bits?