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174 / 16 is less than 11 lb

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Q: Is 174 ounces greater than least than or equal to 12 pounds?
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Can you convert pounds to ounces?

Yes, you can. To convert from pounds to ounces (at least in the case of the pounds and ounces used in the USA), you multiply by 16.

What does At least mean in math terms?

"At least" is expressed with the "greater or equal" sign, for example, x >= 100. (I don't know how to draw the greater-or-equal sign here - it is a horizontal line beneath the greater sign).

Is six ounces of chocolate chips equal to three tablespoons?

No, 6 ounces would be at least 12 tablespoons.

What is the inequality sign for at least?

The sign is "greater than or equal to" or ≥

Is 36 inches greater least or equal to 2 feet?

36 inches is equal to 3 feet and is greater than 2 feet.

X is at least 2?

X is greater than or equal to 2. The symbol for "greater than or equal to" is a "greater than" sign over a horizontal dash.

Which of these weighs the least 2 kg 200 ounces or 6 pounds?

2 kg 200 ounces weighs the most.

How do you convert units to pounds?

Which unit are you trying to convert to pounds? Whatever it is, you will need to have a ratio of XXXX / pound or at least XXXX / ounce and then multiply by 16 ounces to get pounds

How many dudes equal a dude train?

The amount of "dudes" is irrelevant, a dude train is equal to or exceeds at least 850 pounds.

What are the math terms gcf and LCM?

GCF - Greatest Common Factor (GCF is always smaller or equal to at least one of the numbers) LCM - Least Common Multiple (LCM is always greater or equal to at least one of the numbers)

I am 132 pounds and 5'6' in height how much water should i be drinking in a day?

at least 8 cups a day, aka 64 ounces.

What is the weight of a emerald tree boa?

at least 40 ounces for a male and at least 50 ounces for a female

How many pounds of boneless chicken for spaghetti to feed 100 people?

When cooking for a large crowd, it is good to note that at least 4 ounces of meat should be attributed to each person. Since 4 ounces is 1/4 of a pound, divide 100 by 4 and the answer is 25 pounds.

Is at least algebra symbol?

At least means "greater than or equal to". In this browser it can be written as >=, but if you were writing with a pen, you would write the equal sign underneath the > sign, or even just double the lower part of the arrow.

How do you find and Complete the analogy of height inches weight?

My 10 year old and I decided it was ounces. At first we thought it was pounds, but she came up with a good point. Pounds are a bigger increments. Weight = Pounds would be more like Height = Feet. Height to inches is a smaller measurement so the equivalent would be ounces. At least that's what we think.

How many medium eggs equal two large eggs?

2 and 1/3. medium eggs are at least 21 ounces per dozen. large eggs are at least 24 ounces per dozen. two large eggs are 4 to 4.25 ounces. 2 and 1/3 medium eggs are 4.08 to 4.33 ounces.

Is one half least greastest or equal to two fifths?

1/2 is greater than 2/5 :D

What is the inequality of 4 times a number is at least -48?

The inequality that fits this condition is that x is greater than or equal to -12.

One eighth of a number decreased by 5 is at least 30?

1/8x-5(greater than or equal to) 30

How would you translate R at least equal C?

R and > with a line under it (i can't do it on this website) and then C or R is greater than or equal to C

How heavy is an African Elephant?

At least 11,000 pounds!!! At least 11,000 pounds!!!

What is the least integer greater than -15?

-14 is the least integer greater than -15

How much pasta to feed 150 people?

Because pasta packages the suggested serving size is two ounces per person, you would need at least 300 ounces for 150 people. This translates into 18.75 pounds of pasta. However, to have enough, it may be wise to cook 20 pounds of dry pasta. A typical package of dry pasta contains 16 ounces or a pound.

What is the greaest or least from the number line negative or greater?

what is the greatest or least from the number line negative or greater

What is the mathematical symbol for at least?

Here is an example that will show you right away what the symbol is. We want "at least" 3. That means 3 or more So the sign is ≥. (Greater than or equal to)