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Polygons are unbounded because they close on themselves in a circuit. An infinite polygon goes on forever, making it unbounded. A skew polygon has three dimensions of zig-zagging and a spherical polygon, on the sphere surface, is a circuit of corners and sides.

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Q: Make a generalization for each set of polygons?
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Make and test a generalization for each set of polygons?

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What kind of group would have a square a triangle and a rectangle?

A set of polygons might have such shapes in it. Certainly the set of all polygons does. So does the set of all polygons with fewer than 5 sides. Many other examples could be given. I am avoiding the use of the word "group", because it has a technical meaning in modern algebra.

What are the characteristics of each set of numbers that make up the set of integers?


What best describe a semi regular tessellation?

A tessellation that uses more than one type of regular polygon

How many polygons are there with 3 parallel lines?

Infinitely many. Polygons with 6 or more sides can have 3 pairs of parallel lines. Polygons with 7 or more sides can have a set of three parallel lines.

What is the math behind the concept of tesselations?

When polygons are set out on a plane they must not overlap and have no gaps

Is it true that tourists do not care about natural resources?

No. While some probably don't, you can't apply such a sweeping generalization to all tourists. Tourists are people, and they each have their own set of thoughts, concerns, and opinions.

How do you find the area of a zig zag shape?

Assuming its sides are all straight, divide the area into a set of individual triangles &/or other polygons, determine the area of each element then sum these.

Can you make a generalization about the relationship between the number of elements in a set and the number of subsets?

For a set with a finite number, n, of elements, the number of subsets in 2^n. This includes the null set and the set itself. Things get a bit complicated if the original set has infinitely many elements. It is still 2^k but the complications arise because of infinities and transfinite numbers.

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Theory is an abstract generalization that systematically explains how phenomena is interrelated, consisting of concepts and a set of propositions.

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Make multiple constructors, each with a different set of parameters.

What is an example for an element in math?

An element is anything that is put into a set. In math, this can be just about anything you can talk about in math: for example, different types of numbers; points; polygons; lines; planes; matrices; operations; functions; sets; and many other more.

What are the vertics of all 20 polygon?

The answer depends on which of the infinitely many possible polygons you consider to be the set of 20.

Are circles polygons?

NO, a circle is not a polygon. A polygon is composed of a finite set of straight line segments, and a circle has NO straight line segments.

What shape has one set of parallel lines but no right angles?

A general trapezium, and selected versions of polygons with 5 or more sides.

What is difference between generalization and specialization in DBMS?

DBMS: Data Base Management Systemgeneralization and specialization are important relationships that exist betweena higher level entity set and one or more lower level entity sets.1. generalization is the result of taking the union of two or more lower level entity sets to produce a higher level entity sets.specialization is the results of taking subsets of a higher level entity set to form a lower level entity sets.2. In generalization,each higher level entity must also be a lower level entity.In specialization,some higher level entities may not have lower-level entity sets at all.3. Specialization is a Top Down process where as Generalization is Bottom Up process.

Which set of polygons will create a tessellation?

All sorts of polygons can create tessellations. See attached link for some examples: http://

How many subsets are there in a set?

The number of subsets of a given set, including the set itself and the empty set, is 2n. Easiest way to see why: to make a particular subset, for each element in the original set you either chhose it or you don't. There are thus two possibilities for each element, so 2n possibilities for all n elements.

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they are items you can vault to make a set you must have one of each retards

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What is the convenient scale and interval to use for graphing each set of data set?

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each domino such as [:|::] only appears once in a set

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define or describe each set of real numbers?