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It depends if 1 plus tan theta is divided or multiplied by 1 minus tan theta.

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Q: How can you verify 1 plus tan theta divided by 1 minus tan theta equals cot theta plus 1 divided by cot theta minus 1?
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How do you verify cos2 theta divided by csc2 theta plus cos4 theta equals cos2 theta?

Using x instead of theta, cos2x/cosec2x + cos4x = cos2x*sin2x + cos4x = cos2x*(sin2x + cos2x) = cos2x*1 = cos2x

Sec squared theta plus tan squared theta equals to 13 12 and sec raised to 4 theta minus tan raised to 4 theta equals to how much?

It also equals 13 12.

What is sine squared theta subtract six cosine squared theta divided by one minus seven cosine squared theta?

It is 1.

Without a calculator how can theta be determined from the expression tan theta equals sqr of 5?

I'm asuming you meant "ten theta"the square of 5 is 2525 divided by 10 is 2.5so theta equals 2.5there you go =)

What is Cos Theta minus Cos Theta?

Zero. Anything minus itself is zero.

What is cos 360 minus theta?

- cos theta

What is cos 90 minus theta?

cosine (90- theta) = sine (theta)

Given tan Theta equals negative 15 divided by 8 and 90 degrees is less than or equal to theta which is less than or equals to 180 state 5 other trigonometric ratios and determine the measure of theta?

sin(theta) = 15/17, cosec(theta) = 17/15 cos(theta) = -8/17, sec(theta) = -17/8 cotan(theta) = -8/15 theta = 2.0608 radians.

What is tan theta minus cot theta?


Can sine theta equals tan theta equals theta be equal for small angels?

Yes. (Theta in radians, and then approximately, not exactly.)

How do you calculate Sin theta equals 13 times sin 32 degrees divided by 8?

sin (theta) = [13* sin (32o)]/8 = 13*0.529919264/8 = 0.861118804 [theta] = sin-1 (0.861118804) [theta] = 59.44o

How do you figure this out Sin theta equals 0.0138 so theta equals what?

theta = arcsin(0.0138) is the principal value.