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The integers are 44, 45 and 46.

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Q: Three consecutive integers whose sum is 135?
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Find three consecutive odd integers whose sum is 135?

Those three odd integers are 43, 45, and 47.

The sum of three consecutive integers is 135 What is the greatest of the three integers?

Given the sum of three consecutive integers 135, we write out the expression as:x + (x + 1) + (x + 2) = 135 where:x = smallest integerx + 1 = middle integerx + 2 = largest integerSolve for x by rearranging the terms:3x + 3 = 1353x = 132x = 44Therefore, the largest integer is x + 2 = 46.

What are three consecutive odd integers whose sum is 135?

43+45+47=135. i had this question for my online math class. but i don't know how to make that into an equation. something like 3x+2...maybe.. here is how you do it: We need three consecutive odd integers so we will let the first one be x, the next is x+2 and then third is x+4 3x+6=135 3x=129 x-43 x+2=45 x+4=47 So the three numbers are 43, 45 and 47

Three consecutive numbers have a sum of 135?


What three consecutive numbers total 135?


Three consecutive numbers have a sum of 135 what are the numbers?

44 + 45 + 46 = 135

Three consecutive numbers have the sum of 135 what are the numbers?

44 + 45 + 46 = 135

What Three consecutive numbers total 135 what are the numbers?

let the three consecutive no.s be k-1,k and k+1,where k is a positive whole no. so (k-1)+k+(k+1)=135 according to the question or, 3k=135 or, k=45 which gives the no.s as 44,45,46 44+45+46=135

What are the three numbers whose greatest common factor is 45?

45, 90 and 135

What are the two consecutive intengers with the sum of 271?

135 and 136.

Five times the sum of three consecutive integers is 150 what are the integers?

Let x=1st integer x+1=2nd integer x+2=3rd integer 5(x+x+1+x+2)=150 5(3x+3)=150 15x+15=150 15x=135 x=9 So you put what x is 1st integer (x)= 9 Since it's three consecutive integers, you add one to the 2nd integer 2nd integer (x+1)= 10 Then you do the same thing for the third integer 3rd integer (x+2)= 11

What three consecutive integers equal 135?

First of all, let's set up the equation.x=the first number=44x+1=the second number=45x+2=the third number=46x+x+1+x+2=1353x+3=1353(x+1)=135x+1=45x=44

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