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A number such as 32/7 is called a mixed number.

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Q: What are numbers with a fractional part called?
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What are the numbers called after the decimal point?

They are the decimal fractional part.

What is a fractional part of a logarithm called?

The fractional part of a logarithm is called the Mantissa.

What are the numbers that are behind the decimal called?

If you mean the numbers to the right of the decimal point, they comprise the fractional part of the number.

How does rewriting the fractional part of 3.24 maki it easier to compare it to 3.275?

Rewriting the fractional part of the two numbers as a percentage, can help you compare the two numbers.

Why a mixed numbers is not in the set of integers?

By definition, a mixed number contains a fractional part. Also, by definition, an integer does not have a fractional part.

What is the difference of the whole numbers and decimals number?

Whole numbers contain no fractional part as do decimals

What is a whole number with the fractional part attached?

A whole number with a fractional part attached is called a mixed number. Hope this helps!

What is difference between fractional and rational numbers?

All rational numbers are fractional but all fractional numbers are not rational. For example, pi/2 is fractional but not rational.

How is adding integers similar to adding whole numbers?

Integers include 0, the negative numbers without fractional parts, and the positive numbers without fractional parts. The "without fractional parts" part of the description implies that all of the integers are whole numbers. Therefore, if you are adding integers, you are adding whole numbers.

True or False The category of numbers called integers includes negative numbers?

It is false. It does not include negative fractional numbers.

What is fractional ionization?

Fractional ionization occurs when part of a cell loses ions due to collision of molecules. If the ions in the cell turn from positive to negative, but only part of them turn, this is called fractional ionization.

Can irritational numbers be integers?

No. All integers are rational numbers with no fractional part-that is, they can be written as A/B such that B goes into A evenly.