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Your age on January 1 each year. Or, the year number on January 1 each year.

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Q: What is a real life sequence that demonstrates an arithmetic sequence?
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Give us one example of Arithmetic Sequence in Real Life problem?

A Basketball Game.

What are application of arithmetic progression in real life?

the reproductive cycle of bacteria follows arithmetic progression

What is the 19th term in the arithmetic sequence 11 7 3 -1?

This is the real question what is the 19th term in the arithmetic sequence 11,7,3,-1,...? _________________________________________________________ Looks like you just subtract 4 each time, as : 11,7,3,-1,-5,-9, ......

What is the importance of real number in your daily life?

We use real numbers whenever we count anything or do arithmetic.

What is a real life example of mean?

The average of your grades that appears on your report card is the arithmetic mean.

Can real number arithmetic be done without the use of a coprocessor?

Of course! People were doing real arithmetic long before the first computer!

What are the characteristics of a real number?


How do you use arithmetic sequences in real life?

First we define an arithmetic sequence as one where each successive term has a common difference and that difference is constant. An example might be 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, ..where the difference is 3. 1+3=4, 4+3=7 etc. Here is a common example that is given as a problem but shows a real life example of arithmetic sequences. A theater has 60 seats in the first row, 68 seats in the second row, 76 seats in the third row, and so on in the same increasing pattern. If the theater has 20 rows of seats, how many seats are in the theater? The common difference is 8 and we want the the sum of the first 20 terms this gives us the sum of all the seats. We solve this by first finding the 20th term which is 212 and noting that the first term is 60. We add the first and the 20th terms in the sequence and multiply the sum by 20. Next we divide that product by 2. The sum we are looking for is 20(60+212)/2=2720 so there are 2720 seats in the theater! The general formula to find the sum of the first n terms in an arithmetic sequence is to multiply n by the sum of the first and nth terms in the sequence and divide that answer by 2. In symbols we write Sn=n(a1+ an)/2

How do you use different seqences in real life?

The answer depends on the sequence. Different sequences may be used in different circumstances.

How drama depicts life?

Drama could depict life by the sequence of the story or it's theme. Because mostly the themes of drama's are involving real life situations. That is why it really depicts life.

What is an arithmetic function?

An arithmetic function is any function which is defined for all positive integers, and has values which are either real or complex.

Were the characters in Devil's Arithmetic real people?

I also searched and i came up with the answer of NO. no where was it said they were real

What actors and actresses appeared in Forest... The Real Soul of Life - 2013?

The cast of Forest... The Real Soul of Life - 2013 includes: Aniruddha Mane as Character Has No Name. Aniruddha Himself Has Been Shown as Wildlife Vidoegrapher in One Sequence and Narration Also Is with His Voice

What is the meaning of contemporary mathematics and statistics?

The meaning of contemporary mathematics and statistics is the research and application of arithmetic and figures in real life. It involves focusing on items like graphical models, arrays, patterned matrices, and more.

Where was Fibonacci's sequnce used in real life?

Leonardo Of Pisa (Now known as Fibonacci) had a founder named Platus, he made this sequence that was used in real life: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ... each term being the sum of the two preceding.

Is the Fibonacci sequence real?

yes it is simple to

What is hierarchy of real numbers?

a real numbers computable if it is limit of an effectively converging computable sequence of a retional supremum infimum computable if it is supremum of computable of sequence of a rational numbers

How does the ordering of the dreams in the story The secret life of Walter Mitty lead to a humorously climactic effect?

One outstanding feature of the sequence is that the dreams become steadily more desperate and violent. Mitty is at first a pilot and then a doctor. In the third dream, set in the courtroom, he suggests the possibility that he shot another man and then cracks the District Attorney on the jaw. In the wartime sequence, he flies a bomber. Finally, he is about to be executed by a firing squad. Perhaps the sequence suggests Mitty's increasing boredom and frustration in real life; his fantasies must become steadily more dangerous and exciting to satisfy him. Given that the fantasies are progressively more removed from Mitty's real life, there is a humorously climactic effect. The last fantasy shows him departing, literally, from real life altogether. -From the online text book not me

How do you use the Fibonacci sequence in the real world?

the bunnies :)

What is a real life example?

Real life is a real life example!

Which arithmetic operation requires the use of complex conjugate?

Converting the complex denominator of a faction into a real number.

What it means if elephants chases us in dream?

Chase dreams almost always result from the dreamer "running away from" problems in real life. Some individuals are able to utilize lucid dreaming as a way of controlling and redirecting the sequence of a dream. But recognizing what one is avoiding in real life, and dealing with that issue also will bring the dreams to an end.

What are the requirements of a California real estate license?

To meet the requirements to have a California real estate license you have to pass a written examination that demonstrates knowledge in the real estate field. You must also attend 3 45-hour courses.

What is a real life example of a cube?

a Television is a real life example of a Cube A dice is a real life example of a cube

What is a thing in real life that is a nonagon in real life?

a cup