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13/64 is. That's 0.203125 .

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Q: What is half of 13 32nds?
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How many 32nds are in one inch?

Thirty two of them because 32 times 1/32nds = 1 inch

How often should you replace semi truck tires?

As often as they require replacement. If the trailer or drive tires get to 2/32nds, replace them. Steers have to be at least 4/32nds.

How many 32nds of an inch are in a sixteenth of an inch?


How deep is semi truck tread from cords?

DOT minimums are 2/32ds for trailer tires and drive tires, and 4/32nds for steer tires. New from the factory, it varies between tires. Drive tires may come new at up to 28/32nds, while steer tires tend to be closer to 19/32nds new.

What is the minimum tread depth for a bus?

4/32nds of an inch

How many times does 6 go into 81?

13 and a half times (thirteen with a remainder of 3)13.5 times

How many 32nds are there in three 8ths?

12/32 = 3/8

How many thirds are in 10?

There are 30 thirds in one ten.

How many thirty seconds notes in a dotted sixteenth note?

Three. A dot with a note adds one-half that note's value. A single 16th equals two 32nds, so a dot adds an extra 32nd.

Half of 11 half of 12 half of 13 which is a hole?

Half Of 12..........

How many 32ths are there in one inch?

There are 32 32nds of an inch in one inch.

How many 32ths there in one inch?

There are 32 32nds of an inch in one inch.

How do you know if you are considered 13 or 13 and a half?

If you are half a year older than thirteen then you are mostly thirteen and a half. Thogh not legally.

What is a half of 26?


What half of 13 and a half?

6.75, or six and three fourths.

What are two fraction equivalent to 3 over 8?

6 16ths and 12 32nds

What is half of 13 and a half?

6 and three quarters is.

What does 13 ounces measure up to a cup and a half?

A cup and a half is 24 ounces. 13 ounces is 1 once more than half of the one and a half cup container.

How many inches does .909 equal?

The closest you can get is 29/32nds of an inch. Which expressed as a decimal is 0.90625.

How old were Boudiccas daughters when they died?

they were 13 and a half roughly.they were twins.

What half of 13?

6.5 is equal to 1/2 of 13.

What is a half of 13?


Is 5' 6 short or average for a 13 and a half year old?

its tall :) i'm 13 and a half too and i'm 5'6 and half and i tower over my classmates :D

What is half of 27?

Half of 27 is 13.5

What is the only musical scale with 13 half steps?

A Chromatic scale starting from any of the 12 notes, in full, will have 13 half steps.