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p q and p q cannot be a useful part of a system of simultaneous equations since they are the same!

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Q: What is p q and p q as a simultaneous equation?
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What is the point slope equation if the slope is 2?

If (p, q) is any point on the line, then the point slope equation is: (y - q)/(x - p) = 2 or (y - q) = 2*(x - p)

Equation 2 p in a q?

2 Pints in a Quart

Two numbers have the sum of 53 If one number is q express the other number in terms of q?

Assume the two numbers are P & Q, the equation is P + Q = 53, rearranging this gives Q = 53 - P

How would you go about solving this direct variation question and what is the answer- If P varies directly as the square of Q and the constant of variation is 6 what is the value of P when Q equals 12?

If P varies directly with the square of Q then the equation would be in the form of P = kQ2, where k is the constant of variation so the new equation would be: P = 6Q2, so when Q = 12 we have P=6*122, or P = 864

How do you find a quadratic equation with only the solution?

If the solutions are p and q, then the quadratic is (x-p)(x-q) = 0 or x2 - (p+q)x + pq = 0 Hope this is what the question meant!

What does 2pq represent in the equation?

the frequently of the heterozygous dominant genotype

An equation that shows two ratios are equivalent?

Two ratios, p/q and r/s (q and s non-zero) are equal if p/q - r/s = 0.

The length of its horizontal axis is 10 and the length of its vertical axis is 6 what is the equation for the ellipse?

If the two axes intersect at the point (p, q), then the equation is: (x -p)2/25 + (y - q)2/9 = 1

What is the name of a mathematics equation with two equations?

A simultaneous equation

What variables must be known in order to use the Hardy -Weinberg equation?

p and q

What is The product of p and -8 increased by q?

Unless it's something weird, then: p*(-8)+q... There's really nothing else to do with it since it's an expression and not an equation.

What are the values of p and q if y plus 4x equals 11 is the perpendicular bisector equation of the line joining p 2 to 6 q?

The values of p and q work out as -2 and 4 respectively thus complying with the given conditions.