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Heads - ½

Tails - ½

There are two reasonable outcomes of flipping a coin. You could get heads or tails. Some might argue that the third outcome is that the coin will land on the edge.

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Q: What is the set of possible outcomes for flipping a coin once?
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If you flip a coin once what is the set of possible outcomes for this?

enless you include it landing on it's side the two possible outcomes for this are: Heads and Tails

How many possible outcomes if each coin is flipped once?

We use three coins (quarter, nickel, dime) each are flipped only once. We get 8 possible outcomes (or four outcomes as an alternative).

Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin once?

A system with two possible outcomes with equal probabilities.

If there are three coins and each is flipped once how many possible outcomes are there?

There are two outcomes for each coin and three coins; 2 x 2 x 2 = 23 = 8 outcomes.

What is the event of getting heads flipping the coin once?

The event is that the coin lands with the Heads on top.

How many outcomes if flip a coin twice and toss a die once?

2*2*6 = 24 outcomes.

How can you be sure of getting the expected 50:50 ratio from flipping a coin?

Only flip it once.

How many possible outcomes would there be if thirty two coins were tossed once?

Since each coin would have the outcome with Heads and Tails: Then among the 32 coins, we can have the possible outcomes from no Heads, 1 Head, 2 Heads, ....... , 31 Heads, 32 Heads. Therefore we would have 33 outcomes.

What are the Possible outcomes of tossing four coins at once?

Each coin can come out either heads (H) or tales (T). Since you're tossing four coins at once, I'm assuming there is no sense of order to be accounted for. In that case, the possible outcomes are the following: HHHH HHHT HHTT HTTT TTTT

If you spin 2 spinners once how many possible outcomes are there?

To determine the amount of possible outcomes, there must be a number of sections for each spinner

How many possible outcomes are there when 4 fair coins are tossed at once?

If you know which coin is which, there are 16possible outcomes.If you're only counting the number of Heads and Tails, there are 5 .

How many Possible outcomes are there of each month written once?

There are 12.

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