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Your average speed is about 11 miles per hour.

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Q: When running it takes you0.91 seconds to go 10 meters how fast in miles per hour are you going?
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A cheetah runs 900 meters in 30 seconds how fast is it going?

900 meters/30 seconds = 30 meters/second

Who is fester 10 meters in 5 seconds or 20 meters in 10 seconds?

both are just as fast although the one going 10 meters in five seconds is probably accelerating faster...

Who was travelling faster than the other a person who covered 10 meters in 5 seconds or the one who took 10 seconds to cover 20 meters?

Someone traveling 10 meters in 5 seconds is moving at the same speed as the one going 20 meters in 10 seconds.

What is the velocity of an object that moves at a distance of 200 meters in 10 seconds going right?

20 meters per second

When running it takes you 91 seconds to go 10 meters how fast in miles per hour are you going?

You would not be running at all.You would be travelling @ 0.245817 mph.

How fast would I be going if I traveled 100 meters in 30 seconds?

If you traveled 100 meters in 30 seconds, then you would be traveling at 3.333... meters per second, or 200 meters per minute, or 12 kilometers per hour (7.45 miles/hour).

How fast are you going if you can reach 100 meters in 9 seconds?

100 meters/9 seconds = 40 kilometers per hour = 24.85 miles per hour (rounded)

What speed in a car would you be going if you cover 24 meters in 5 seconds?


How many mph is 100 meters in 10.6 seconds?

1 Meters Per Second = 2.23693629 Miles Per hour conversion of meters to mph is left to you you are going 100 meters in 10.6 seconds or 100/10.6=9.4339mps 9.4339mps*2.2369mph/1mps=21.10mph

How long would it take an object going 30 mph to travel 32 meters?

2.38 seconds.

If a car travels four hundred miles in twenty seconds how fast is it going?

20 meters per second

A car accelerates to pass a truck going from 20 meters per second to 29 meters per second in 3 seconds What is the acceleration?

3 m/s2

If you run a 200 meter race in 22.78 seconds how fast are you going in miles per hour?

19.64 MPH. At that pace it would take 183.30 seconds to run one mile. There being 3600 seconds in an hour, dividing 183.30 into 3600 gives you 19.64. 200 meters divided by 22.78 seconds = 8.78 meters per second 8.76 meters per second x 3600 seconds per hour = 31 607 meters per hour 31 607 meters per hour divided by 1 609.344 meters per mile = 19.64 miles per hour

How long does it take to run 105 meters?

That depends on the speed you are going. Collegiate track athletes usually run this distance no slower than 13 seconds. For anyone else it should take no longer than 2min of running

How far would a jet going 250 meters per second travel in 5 seconds?

Simply multiplication - 1.25km !

If you run a 100 meter race and get 15.2 seconds how fast are you going in miles per hour?

100 meters/15.2 seconds 100 meters = 0.0621371192 miles 15.2 seconds = 0.00422222222 hours 100 m/15.2s = 14.7166861 mph average

What is the acceleration of a car traveling 1.2 meters long in 2 seconds?

1.2 divided by 2 seconds equals .6m/s... i think. acceleration without speeding is when you're going in circles, but you feel like you're going faster.

Which is faster - a car traveling at 60 mph or a cheetah running at 25 meters per second?

The car going 60 mph is traveling faster. The cheetah, running at 25 meters per second is moving at 55.9 miles per hour.

How far does a cat run if it travels at a speed of 3 ms for 25 seconds?

If by "ms" you mean meters per second, then it would run 75 meters in 25 seconds. If by "ms" you mean miles, a cat is not going to cover 3 miles in 25 seconds, but for argument purposes, the distance the cat would run in 25 seconds would be 3 miles.

If someone is running and travels 30 feet in 4.2 seconds how many miles per hour are they going?

They are traveling at 4.9 mph

How long in minutes does it take to get from Basingstoke to London?

It depends on how fast you are going. If you were running a billion MPH, it would take a few seconds.

If a car is accelerating at 2.5 meters per second per second what speed is the car traveling after 5 seconds?

If it is going from rest, it's speed after 5 seconds is 12.5 metres per second

How fast is this item going 1000.0 meters in 7.045 seconds?

The idea is to divide the distance by the time.

How many meters per second drives a car going at 120 kilometers per hour?

(120 km/hour) x (1,000 meters/km) / (3,600 seconds/ hour) = (33 and 1/3) meters/sec

How long does it take to drive 123 meters going 30 kilometers per hour?

At 30 kph you are covering 30,000 meters per hour, or 500 meters per minute, or about 8.3 per second. To cover just 123 meters it would take you 14.7 seconds.