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Because decimals are a form you use regularly like with money, but with fractions, its not used all the time such as a decimal is used.

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Q: Why are decimals easier to compare than fractions?
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Why is it easier to use fractions or decimals insted of percentages?

Because that it s harder to work out percentages than fractions and decimals

Why should there be percentages when a number can be expressed as a fraction or a decimal?

Decimals and percentages are easier to compare than fractions - particularly if they are unlike fractions. That does not explain why percentages are required when we have decimal number and there is no good answer to that!

Are fractions better than decimals?

I Think Decimals Are Better Than Fractions

Why is it easier to compare percent than fractions?

Because percentages are essentially the numerators of fractions with the same denominator, 100.

Is two thirds bigger than four ninths?

Yes. Convert the fractions to a common denominator, then you can easily compare. Or convert them to decimals - that's easy with a calculator. That also lets you compare easily.

How do you do greatest to least in fractions and decimals?

To compare decimals: look at the highest-order digit and compare. If it is the same, look at the next digit, and so forth. Thus, 23.5 is greater than 11.4 (because the tens digit is greater), 123.88 is greater than 25.82 (because the second number has no hundreds digit, so you can take it to be zero), 115.28 is greater than 113.99 (the first two digits are equal, so you compare the third digit). To compare fractions: use a calculator to convert to decimals, then compare. Alternately, you can convert to a common denominator, then compare the numerators.

Why are repeating decimals changed to fractions?

There are times when working with fractions is more convenient than working with decimals.

How would you know when a fraction is greater than another fraction?

You could convert them to like fractions with a common denominator and compare the numerators or you could convert them to decimals and compare them.

What symbol correctly compares two fractions?

You can use the same symbols that you use to compare integers or decimals: equal, greater than, greater-than-or-equal, etc.

Name one advantage of decimals over fractions?

It depends on what you are trying to do. For most people using decimals is easier because it allows them to visualize the number better than a fraction. For example, if you needed to order them from least to greatest, it may be easier to see them in decimal form rather than fractions. However, fractions are usually more accurate because some decimals need to be rounded off. For example, the fraction 1/7 is more accurate than the decimal form .142857142857..... because the numbers 142857 continue on infinitely.

How can you tell a fraction is greater than another?

Two ways: If they're unlike fractions, convert them to like fractions with a common denominator and compare numerators. Convert them to decimals by dividing their denominators into their numerators and see which is greater.

What is the purpose of using decimals rather than fractions as a whole?

Decimals are easy to compare, add, subtract, multiply, and divide, because they already have a common denominator. You can tell at a glance which is bigger than which. +++ Further the SI, or metric-based, units are based on decimals and powers of 10, so any vulgar fractions in using them arise only when writing real values in a formula.